5 Celebrity Dog Lovers Who Rescued Their Pups

//5 Celebrity Dog Lovers Who Rescued Their Pups
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Each year, 1.6 million dogs are adopted from shelters across the United States. Did you know that many famous people find their furry best friends this way?

How many celebrities open their hearts to pups of all ages in need of a good home? More than you might think.

Here, we give a peek into the stories behind 5 celebrity dog lovers who gave unwanted canines a second chance.

Zooey Deschanel: Seeing Double

This star of TV’s “New Girl” had only planned on getting one dog when she went to a rescue shelter in 2013. But plans don’t always go as we expect — even when you’re a celebrity.

Zooey was first introduced to Dot, a small, long-haired pup with deep brown eyes and felt a connection. Then she learned that Dot couldn’t go anywhere without her near-identical sister, Zelda.

The two dogs had been previously separated and grew lonely. Once reunited, they showed their loving selves. Not one to break up up siblings in need of love, Zooey took both sweet animals home.

Selena Gomez: Serial Adopter

Selena’s hit song “Good For You” could also be something you say to Baylor, her sixth rescue dog. Both Gomez and her then-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, are celebrity dog lovers. They adopted the short-haired, brown, blue-eyed Baylor while on vacation together.

By all reports, Baylor fit right into Selena’s brood of five other rescue dogs. But she and Baylor appear to have an extra special bond. The two are often spotted walking through Los Angeles and New York where Baylor is happy to lap up the attention.

Ryan Reynolds: Dog Whisperer

The way the “Deadpool” star tells it, he and Baxter, a golden retriever were meant to be together.

The story goes that Ryan was at an animal shelter to help a friend find a furry companion. Ryan saw Baxter and whispered, “Hey, let’s get the hell out of here.” Baxter then jumped up, as if to say “okay!”.

The two became instant and constant companions. And when Ryan began dating his now-wife Blake Lively, Baxter had to approve. He did and then had two humans to spoil him — in the best possible ways.

George & Amal Clooney: Glamorous Celebrity Dog Lovers

Is there anything movie star George Clooney and human rights lawyer Amal Clooney can’t do with class?

The famous couple are vocal advocates for the adoption of animals that have been abandoned or abused.

Plus, Millie, the basset hound they adopted from a rescue shelter in 2015 and their cocker spaniel, travel with them all the time. Check out Pet Crates Direct, if you, too want to jet around with your dogs.

Kaley Cuoco: Shares the Joy and Sorrow

Among celebrity dog lovers it’s hard to find one more visible about adopting from shelters than Kaley Cuoco, co-star of TV’s “Big Bang Theory”.

Kaley supports several organizations dedicated to rescuing dogs and helping them find forever homes. She also shares frequent stories and photos of her own rescued pups and their lives together.

The public is so accustomed to seeing Kaley with the canines in her life that people sent condolences when Chester, Kaley’s lovable, big-eared furry companion died. But as Kaley said about losing Chester too soon, “I just keep feeling blessed to have had him in my life even for a small amount of time.”

How to Follow Their Leads

Do you feel a kinship with celebrity dog lovers? Are you ready to welcome a rescue dog into your life? Pay a visit to your local animal shelter and let them help you find the next furry love of your life.

Then be like a celebrity and throw a party to introduce the lucky dog to your friends!

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