5 Tips to Help You Travel Safely on Your Next Family Trip

//5 Tips to Help You Travel Safely on Your Next Family Trip
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Traveling with your family is a wonderful bonding experience, but it does come with some serious risks.

The most common travel accidents are traffic accidents, slips and trips, sunstroke, dehydration and sporting injuries – all of which are even more worrying when traveling with young kids or the elderly.

Starting to dread your vacation? Don’t!

We’re sharing five handy tips that will help you and your family travel safe during your big adventure.

1. Plan Regular Rest Stops While Driving

The most common cause of death for Americans abroad is traffic accidents, and the risk is even higher if you’re driving while tired — that’s why rest stops are essential.

Travel safe by creating a full itinerary that includes your starting point, destination, and all the rest stops you’ll take along the way.

Making stops allows you to take a short nap or drink a coffee if you’re tired, and lets the rest of the family stretch their legs, use the bathroom and eat a snack. This is really important if you’re traveling with young kids or elderly family members.

Regular stops also allow you keep on top of your car’s performance. If you notice any issues, search for local garages using vehicle-specific terms like, ‘BMW maintenance‘.

2. Understand Local Laws

If you’re traveling to a new country then understanding local laws and customs is a must.

For example, if you’re visiting Morocco, it’s important to stay within the law by avoiding public displays of affection and following rules around photography at important sites.

Stay out of trouble by reading up on laws beforehand and giving each member of the family a thorough briefing. Experiencing different cultures is a great experience, but you need to stay alert and respectful to keep your family safe.

3. Give Everyone a Cell Phone and Charger

How many times have you lost grandpa on the beach?

What about your teenage son wandering off during a museum visit?

Make sure that everyone can stay in touch if they get lost by giving each member of the family a mobile phone and a portable charger.

If you’re worried about kids using up their battery on games or social media, consider investing in a few cheap, basic phones for emergencies only.

4. Pack Travel Medications

Before traveling, ensure that every member of the family is fully up-to-date with vaccinations and has enough of their regular medication to last an entire trip.

For forgetful family members, pack pill organizers marked with days of the week.

On top of prescriptions, you should pack medication to treat any common travel issues, like aches and pains, allergies, and diarrhea – better safe than sorry!

5. Share Your Travel Plans with a Relative

If something goes wrong during your trip, it’s reassuring to know that a relative has your back.

Share a detailed travel itinerary with multiple trusted relatives and arrange times to call them and check-in. If you miss a call, they’ll be able to raise the alarm and make sure that you’re safe.

How to Travel Safe with Your Family

Make sure everyone stays safe on your next family trip by creating a detailed plan, making regular rest stops, researching the area you’re visiting and packing emergency phones and medication.

Find the perfect vacation spot and start making your safe travel plan today — it will be a huge weight off your mind.

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