Batter Up: 5 Tips For Attending Your Next Family Baseball Game

//Batter Up: 5 Tips For Attending Your Next Family Baseball Game
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If your kids have ever uttered the words, “Take me out to the ballgame,” you may have felt mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension.

You may have thought, “Will my kids make it through an entire game?” Or worried over how expensive ballpark food can be.

These thoughts were likely muted by thinking, “It’ll be such an amazing expeience for (insert child’s name here).”

It’s true. Planning an outing for a family baseball game can take some effort. But with a little forethought and preparation, it’ll be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Check out 5 tips you should know before attending your next baseball game!

1. Be Prepared to Miss Some of the Game

Whether you head home during the 7th inning stretch because the kids are exhausted or become distracted by constant requests for help, just know. You won’t see every second of the game.

You’ll probably miss that amazing play by the shortstop and that unbelievable single down the middle. But that’s okay. That’s what happens when attending a family baseball game.

If you can, record the game from home. Especially if you have some MLB free picks lined up and are hoping to win some cash!

And, remember, there’s no shame in leaving early. It’ll help you beat the mad rush to the parking lot and probably avoid some major meltdowns from some exhausted kids.

2. Bring Food

Yes, baseball games are all about “peanuts and cracker jacks” but they’re also about $10 hot dogs and soft pretzels.

Be smart and pack some of your child’s favorite snacks. If you have siblings on your hand, be sure to bring enough of each snack to avoid bickering.

Bringing snacks to your next baseball game will not only save you money but time. It’s one less reason for you to get up and miss that awesome home run.

3. Bring Entertainment (Other Than the Game Itself)

Adults find baseball exhilarating. Kids? Not so much.

Your child will most likely lose interest in the game before the home team gets up to bat — the first time. So, bringing other forms of entertainment never hurts.

Items can range from electronics (an iPad, Kindle or your cell phone), to coloring, reading or activity books. The more options, the better.

Just be advised — baseball games can be extremely loud. Between the guys in the announcer booth and the crazy fans behind you, a decent set of headphones for your child’s devices might be a good idea.

4. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen at Your Next Baseball Game

Protecting your family’s skin from the sun might not be the first thing that comes to mind when heading out to the ball field, but it should be.

Sitting in an open, outdoor stadium for hours on end is a sure fire way to fry! Be sure to apply sunscreen before and during the game, especially if it’s on a day.

You can also deck yourself out in fan gear, including hats and visors for added protection.

5. Pick Your Seats Wisely

Just like when boarding an airplane, seating is everything. To refer back to number 1 on our list — you will be getting up. A lot.

As to not disturb the other paying customers and baseball fanatics around you, it’s best to buy tickets near the aisle. This will allow you to get up and down with ease when needed.

Before You “Play Ball”

Attending a family baseball game can be a truly pleasurable “day in the park”, especially if you follow these 5 bits of advice.

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