From Drab to Fab: How to Spice Up Women’s Professional Attire

//From Drab to Fab: How to Spice Up Women’s Professional Attire
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Monday is coming!

No, this isn’t the new promotional line for Game of Thrones. These three words represent the sad realization that the weekend is ending.

Monday means that it’s back to the office for another week of hard work, copious amounts of coffee, and figuring out what to wear.

There’s no way to sugarcoat the long work week, but there is good news on the clothing front. Getting dressed for work can be fun! Women can look professional and still show off their personality and style.

Here are some great ways to fight the Monday blues and spice up women’s professional attire!

Use Women’s Professional Attire to Control the Message

Colors symbolize different things in a professional environment. Black represents control and authority, whereas red portrays self-confidence and a bold personality. Wear orange to give off a sunny, positive vibe.

By understanding the psychological impact of color, you can use their wardrobe to send a message. Use red to stand out from the crowd. If giving off a trustworthy vibe is the goal, wearing green will invoke positive emotions and inspire creativity.

Using a variety of colors in women’s professional attire spices up a wardrobe and influences interactions with co-workers. It also adds color to a world filled with gray and black.

Accessories Matter

Working in an environment that encourages casual dress can be detrimental to both home and work life. Wearing the same clothes for work and play can make it hard to differentiate between the two.

Accessories are key. Wearing pieces designated for work helps to maintain focus and increase productivity. Differentiation can be as simple as wearing fancier shoes, or finding a vintage Rolex for sale and only wearing it during office hours.

Adding accent pieces to compliment women’s professional attire will help an outfit stand out from the crowd.

Mix Conservative With Spicy

Human resources can be a real drag when it comes to fashion. Fight back against dress codes that out of a 1950’s HR manual by adding fun pieces to standard outfits!

Pinstripe pants add length to the body’s frame, making them a great piece to project confidence and power. A lacy camisole under a suit will express independence and style.

For outerwear, adding a patterned coat or stylish satchel bag can turn any outfit into a fashion statement. Pairing the coat and bag with an asymmetrical skirt instead of the standard pencil skirt takes women’s professional attire to the next level!

Have Fun!

Be creative and try out new things. The only barrier to building a stylish work wardrobe is the imagination.

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