5 Tips for Throwing a Memorable Sweet Sixteen Party

//5 Tips for Throwing a Memorable Sweet Sixteen Party
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You don’t turn sixteen every year, so a sweet sixteen party is the perfect way to celebrate.

Sweet sixteen parties are so popular they generate over 60,000 online searches every month.

So you’ve got competition if you want to make yours memorable. Don’t worry. We’ve compiled these 5 tips so yours is a party to remember.

1. You should plan your party – not your parents

They may want to throw a surprise sweet sixteen party. But you know your friends better than they do so you need to be involved. Otherwise, they may pick the wrong music, food, or entertainment.

You’ll also know the dates of other parties – your parents won’t. The last thing you want is for your friends to choose between two events.

Let your parents be involved because they’re the ones paying for it. Work out a budget in advance.

In an ideal world, try to keep parents at a distance at your party. You’ll need them around to keep an eye on everyone. But try to keep them apart from your friends so no one feels uncomfortable.

2. Make sure your sweet sixteen party has a theme

The theme is up to you. Red carpet, beach, Game of Thrones, even Halloween – your theme makes choosing food and music easier.

Consider the time of year and what your friends like.

Buy an awesome new outfit to fit the theme. Try this guide to the hottest nail art trends to spruce up your look. You want to feel good on the day.

3. Choose a venue that’s awesome and suits your theme

Don’t have your sweet sixteen party at home. It looks cheap and a good venue makes a better first impression. Choose a venue with a large dance floor and plenty of seating.

If you can find one with awesome views, that’s even better. Make sure you check out this guide to stunning party lighting.

Hire a live band that suits the venue. If a live band is too expensive, get a good DJ. Make sure he or she will play the kind of music you want.

If the venue is hard to reach, think about offering some kind of transport to get there.

4. Send out fantastic invitations

People can’t come to your amazing party if they don’t know about it. Invest in custom sweet 16 invitations to set the tone for your party. Make sure it matches your theme.

You should send them at least one month in advance. Give people time to RSVP and plan their own outfits.

5. Get the food and entertainment right

We’ve already talked about a live band but you’ll need other things to keep people occupied. Will your friends enjoy games? Think about what you can do that suit the theme you’ve chosen.

Contests are always fun and you can splash out on cool prizes for the winners.

As for food, make sure you choose actual food, not snacks. Don’t worry about a full-on sit-down dinner. Just provide plenty to eat that fits your theme.

Once you’ve done all of that, remember to enjoy your party when the day arrives. Have fun!

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