8 Tips for Creating a Happy Workplace

//8 Tips for Creating a Happy Workplace
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In today’s work environment, it’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day business that you forget about the glue that holds it all together – the people that work for you!

Your team is one of the most important components in a successful business. The happier they are to work for you, the more successful everyone will be.

But what makes a happy workplace? How can you ensure your employees are happy to come to work each day?

Let’s look at eight ways you can create a happy workplace in your business.

1. Hire the Right Personalities

When you want to create a happy workplace, the obvious place to start is hiring happy people.

While interviewing new candidates for a position, you’re going to focus on finding the right experience and education to do the job well. But, it’s as important to also discover their personality.

Do they smile? Do they focus on the positives or negatives? Do they seem like a team player?

Just because someone looks good on paper doesn’t mean they are going to fit in well at your office. The perfect resume with a gloom and doom attitude could spell disaster for office morale.

2. Provide for Work-Life Balance

You know what they say about all work and no play. While it may seem good for business to focus only on work, it will lead to burnout and killed productivity.

Your employees need to know you not only value them as team members, but you value them as a person who has a life outside of work.

Having perks that emphasize family life such as child care, a generous vacation plan, and work-from-home options goes a long way.

Don’t forget about encouraging your employees to take care of themselves. Provide them with offers such as discounts to local gyms and counseling services.

Anything you can do to improve an employee’s quality of life will show them that you care.

3. Don’t Micro-Manage

It’s tempting to keep a tight grip on every aspect of your business or department. It is your responsibility, after all, and it’s something you take seriously.

Remember, though, that you hired those smart, trustworthy employees for a reason. Learn to let go and invest in the trust that compelled you to hire them to begin with.

When employees feel that trust and don’t have someone hovering over them 24/7, they will start to feel a sense of empowerment. They will take pride in their work and begin to relax, which sends morale and productivity through the roof.

4. Give Effective Feedback

When giving feedback to your employees, it’s important to give both positive AND negative comments. Harvard Business Review suggests five or six positive remarks for every one negative remark.

Why not give only positive reinforcement? Well, if you’re doing nothing but praising them, it can have an adverse effect by not encouraging employees to grow.

If they’re only receiving negative feedback, however, resentment will form and you’ll demoralize your employees.

You should give both positive and negative feedback in a timely manner. Try to address situations right away, when the employee will get the most from it.

When you give negative feedback, support your employee with helpful suggestions and solutions. By being supportive, you’re signaling your belief in their ability to improve.

Don’t forget to end on a positive note!

5. Think Outside the Work Box

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day grind. That’s why planning fun events or something to help break up that monotony can help the office breathe in a much-needed breath of fresh air!

Plan a fun office-wide potluck. Surprise your employees with an afternoon movie, complete with candy and popcorn. Bring in a massage therapist for break time massages.

Anything that can do to break up the workday monotony and show your employees you care will put a smile on their face. Plus, they’ll feel refreshed and recharged when they get back to work.

6. Promote Personal and Professional Development

People want to learn and grow. And showing your team that you support their growth will create a happy workplace.

Invest time and energy into providing things like learning seminars, workshops, and education reimbursement. It not only benefits the employees, but it also benefits the company in decreased turnover.

Don’t be afraid to make it a group effort as well! Getting everyone together in team-building activities provides opportunities for growth, but also team unity. It’s a win-win all the way around.

If you’d like to learn more about team-building activities, check out this website to read more now.

7. Encourage a Workplace Community

Something as simple as a “Hi” can go a long way in the workplace. Don’t believe it? Then pop around the office one morning to greet your team and watch what it does to the mood in the room.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and like part of a team. You can achieve that with a simple hello, asking how they’re doing, and seeing if anyone needs help on a current project.

Encourage everybody else on the team to do the same thing! When the sense of togetherness and teamwork is strong, it fosters a happy workplace with employees who enjoy being at work.

8. Have Meaningful Conversations

Many managers shy away from this because they feel that it might cross some unprofessional and personal line.

But it’s quite the opposite. Getting to know your employees is one of the best things you can do to create a happy work environment.

Make an effort to learn something new about your employees each week. It might impress you to know that Sue takes pride in fostering dogs. You’ll find a new found respect for Dave if he volunteers at the local soup kitchen regularly. You might even ask the rest of the team if they want to join him as a team building exercise.

Taking the time to know your employees shows you not only care about them as an employee but as a person as well. That will foster a sense of togetherness in the workplace.

A Happy Workplace = A Happy Business

Creating a happy workplace is more than making it a pleasant place to be. It’s about ensuring your employees feel appreciated, supported, and more than an employee number. Your business will thrive from it.

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