6 Weird Facts About Botox We Bet You Never Knew

//6 Weird Facts About Botox We Bet You Never Knew
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Botox may be 16 years old, but it sure doesn’t look like it.

This non-surgical solution to aging has become one of the most popular treatments for fine lines and wrinkles.

But this little injection can be used for so much more. And believe us, it gets weird. Here are 6 facts about botox you definitely didn’t know.

1. Solves An Epidemic

Consider the opioid epidemic over.

Scientists have been testing out ways to relieve pain without risking addiction. One of the top contenders? You guessed it.

By injecting a botox-like substance, muscles stop spasming. Scientists are discovering that your hurt muscle actually gets time to heal because of this.

And no risk of addiction.

2. Below The Belt

Your mind’s not in the gutter. We mean exactly what you’re thinking.

If you’re a guy who’s worried about how your scrotum looks, you may want to consider some “scrotox”. One doctor in New York has seen some success with these treatments.

Also, botox can even help an overactive bladder to relax. So really it’s a one-stop-shop for whatever problems you may be having in your “nether” regions.

If these facts about botox don’t weird you out, we’re stumped.

3. Eliminates Acne

If you think curing your breakouts is a lost cause, think again.

A recent study shows that botox could be the cure you’re looking for those nasty breakouts. By reducing your pore size, botox actually helps to reduce your acne.

What could be better than no acne and a smoother face? For more ideas on what areas you can smooth, click here to learn more about this service.

4. Too Much Will Kill You

1 gram of this seemingly harmless injection could actually kill more than 1 million people. And a couple more grams could wipe out our planet.

But the more likely scenario, that your doctor injects too much, could result in a potentially life-threatening disease.

So make sure you do some reading up on your potential doctor.

5. Sweat Much?

If you sweat excessively, botox can fix that, too.

From your underarms to your scalp, botox can help. That’s right.

Botox can be injected in either area to help preserve your tops or even your blow out. Either way you’re getting the most out of your purchases.

6. Cures Depression

It’s not fully proven, yet.

But botox could be the next solution to aiding people with depression.

A study shows that by treating muscles in your face, you can also treat anxiety and depression. To put it in basic terms, the faces you make also inform the emotions you feel.

So if botox keeps you from frowning, it can also keep you from feeling as depressed.

Weird Facts About Botox

Botox is more than just skin deep. And with so many crazy uses, we don’t see this potentially world-ending treatment going anywhere.

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