10 Weird Sex Facts You Can’t Unread

//10 Weird Sex Facts You Can’t Unread
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The human need for sex can be a strange and confusing thing. Sex is both mysterious and fantastic, and everyone has the desire to get down and dirty every now and then, even if not everyone’s sex drive is the same.

The world is full of weird sex facts, and most of us will only encounter a handful of these facts over our lifetimes. From human sexuality to the sexual products we use, to sexual oddities in nature, you’d be amazed at just how sex-crazed and weird this planet really is.

Are you curious yet? Keep reading to see a list of some weird facts about sex you’ve likely never heard before.

10 Weird Sex Facts You Can’t Unread

There’s no shortage of weird (sometimes disturbing) sex tips floating across the interwebs. But check out these 10 sex facts you’ll never be able to unread.

1. Lesbians Have More Orgasms than Heterosexual Women

It turns out there’s actually a connection between sexual orientation and the number of orgasms a person has. A recent study shows that lesbian women reach orgasm 74.7 percent of the time, while straight women reach orgasm 61.6 percent of the time. Interestingly, this study discovered that bisexual women orgasm the least.

2. Shaving “Down There” Could Make You Susceptible to Diseases

Do you like shaving your pubic region? Believe it or not, this might actually put you at a higher risk for contracting diseases like HPV, syphilis, and herpes. This is because shaving can cause tears in the skin, leaving open wounds where bacteria can get in. The more you shave down there, the higher the risk.

If you think about it, your pubic hair serves as a defense barrier, protecting you from all kinds of debris and bacteria. It’s there for a reason, and removing it might end up being bad for your health.

3. Size Doesn’t Matter

Good news, guys, the typical woman says she prefers an average-size penis. The media sometimes make a big deal out of the size issue, but in reality, most women associate larger penises with pain and discomfort.

Thus the old saying might be true after all, it’s not how big it is that matters, but rather how you use it.

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4. Nipples can Cause Orgasm

Many people are very sensitive to touch in the nipple area. MRI brain imaging has shown that a woman’s brain lights up with sexual arousal when their nipples are touched.

Additionally, out of a study sample of 213 women, 29 decent of those women experienced orgasms from nipple stimulation. And remember, ladies, men’s nipples can be every bit as sensitive as women’s.

5. Jurassic Park and Tortoise Sex

Here’s one of the lesser-known sex facts we can almost guarantee you didn’t know. Remember those terrifying velociraptors from Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster “Jurassic Park”?

Well, the sound design team that worked on that movie had a hard time creating the ferocious sounds that raptors made, and had to produce them from thin air by mixing various animal noises.

Thus in the final product that you watched on screen, those spine-tingling sounds of the velociraptors communicating with each other were actually produced using recordings of tortoises having sex. We’re not joking! Luckily tortoises take quite some time mating, so they are easy to record.

So next time you watch Jurassic Park and those creepy raptors are on the screen, close your eyes and try to imagine two tortoises in the throes of passion!

6. Sperm is Fast

Sperm doesn’t look like much to the naked eye, but the crazy truth is that sperm can really move! For starters, ejaculate comes out of the penis at 28 miles per hour. And once inside a woman’s body, those little guys can swim, traveling up to 5mm per minute.

To put it in perspective, that’s the equivalent of a salmon traveling 500 miles an hour. Not too shabby for something you can only view under a microscope.

7. Put Socks On

Does sex give you cold feet? Well, if you want your sex life to be more satisfying, try pulling on a pair of socks! This increases your chances of achieving orgasm. It’s not the socks, of course, but rather because your feet are nice and warm.

8. Your Partner Might be Fantasizing about Someone Else

Would it surprise you to learn that more women than men fantasize about another person during sex? In a survey of 1,300 heterosexual women, 46 percent of them confessed to fantasizing about another man during sex with their partners.

9. Your Grandparent Probably Still Have Sex

As much as would you might like to believe otherwise, it’s very likely that your grandparents still engage in sexual intercourse. You might prefer to continue living in denial, but around a third of women in their 80’s are still having sex. This is good news for anyone afraid of losing their sex drive as they get older. We suggest you keep enjoying sex as long you’re healthy!

10. Female Ferrets

Here’s a weird fact about the animal kingdom you might find interesting: a female ferret will die if she doesn’t have sex for a year. This is due to her body’s natural breeding needs. If a female ferret doesn’t mate, she will go into extended heat, which causes aplastic anemia. And if she doesn’t receive medical intervention, she can die.

So, ladies, you might want to take this into consideration the next time it’s been a few months since gotten busy with a guy because at least being extremely horny won’t kill you.

And the List Goes On and On

None of us can really profess to understand why sex is such a powerful force, though some sex facts are obviously more strange than others. Sex can make people behave in crazy ways, and say and do things they wouldn’t otherwise. This list is obviously just the tip of the iceberg.

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