15 Weird Games You Can Download on Your Phone

//15 Weird Games You Can Download on Your Phone
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If you find yourself in the majority of Americans who spend roughly 3 hours a day on your phone then you probably know that mobile games are the best way to waste time without even knowing it.

There are millions of games available, ranging from the classics, like “Angry Brid” and “Words with Friends” to weird games involving popping pimples and fighting sausages.

If you’re getting bored with your current games and are looking for something unique and addicting to occupy your time, then focus your attention on taking fun activities to a new level.

Don’t know where to start? Keep reading to discover 15 weird games that you can download on your phone.

Rainbow Tissue Cat

Your castle is under siege! In this weird game, you play as the adorable cat, Mr. Tibbles, as you try to defend your castle from an army of evil woodpeckers.

How do you do that? Well, you’re lying on a roll of toilet paper which helps you bounce onto ledges in order to reach the woodpeckers, and bounce on their heads, effectively defeating them. Be careful to avoid missiles and traps in your quest to protect Meowji Castel.

Of course, this adorable game wouldn’t be complete without rainbows. Mr. Tibbles is accompanied by a rainbow shining out of his but with every toilet paper-assisting bounce.

Booger Boing

The name alone should be enough to clue you into the weird nature of this game. The goal is to shoot a booger from a nose and land it in the goal. But there are various obstacles standing in your booger’s way.

We love this game because it combines a weird theme with an actual strategy. Each fling’s direction and power can be adjusted, and there are green sticky areas that your booger can land on. Additionally, we find nose-dwelling monsters and deadly mucus throughout the game, which takes place in a nasal cavity.

Don’t forget to collect coins which can be redeemed for swag for your booger!

Office Jerk

Have you ever hated one of your colleagues so much that you just wanted to throw a stapler at their head? Well, we can’t promise you can do that in real life without getting fired, but you can at least simulate that with Office Jerk.

The aim of the game is simple: hit your colleague in the head with various objects, ranging from office supplies to desserts. You want to try to hit him in the head as many times in a row as possible to unlock different throwing items.

Pizza Vs Skeletons

Who doesn’t love pizza? Well, this weird game doesn’t just include pizza – it includes a badass hero pizza who defeats evil skeletons!

You can roll the pizza around by simply tilting your phone from left to right, and then crush the skeletons with a quick tap.

The controls might be simple, but there are several different levels that keep this game interesting, so it’s more than a one-and-done kind of game.

Sausage Bomber

Sausage Bomber gives us a weird-twist on your classic war game. Your town is under attack, and your weapons of choice are sausages.

There are a total of 128 missions, where you must defeat the enemy with kielbasa, Vienna sausage, and Scottish Haggis, among other sausage weapons. Upon winning a mission, you will receive coins. These coins can then be redeemed for new weapons, including the atomic sausage.

Sausage Legend

Another one of the sausage-themed weird games is Sausage Legend. Sausages of all shapes and sizes combat each other in a race to be victorious.

With a simple one-click control, this game might not keep you entertained for hours on end, but it’s certainly a fun game to check out in your downtime.


Warning: play at your own risk! S.M.T.H stands for Send Me To Heaven, and the goal is to throw your phone as high as you can. The game calculates the height of each throw, so you can compete with friends to see who is riskier.

The fun in this game all lies with the adrenaline you’ll get as you toss your $700+ smartphone into the air and pray that you catch it every time.

I Am Bread

You are but a simple slice of bread with big dreams of becoming toast in one of our favorite weird games. How will you achieve this dream? You have to climb, nudge, flip, and turn yourself in an attempt to make it to the toaster.

But, watch out for the dirty floor! If you fall, you only have a few seconds to get off the floor.

There’s no limit to what this little piece of bread dreams up. Once, you’ve achieved your first goal, you’ll venture out of the kitchen for seven more levels.

Pimple Popper

We all know that one weirdo who just loves popping pimples. If you’re sick of them trying to get at your pimples, then show them this game.

The game contains several different kinds of pimples that can be popped. But each kind of pimple must be popped in a different way. The game will give you instructions on how you can pop blackheads, whiteheads, full-blown pimples, and pimple scabs.

Just hope that this is one of the weird games that get’s them off your pimples and focused on something else!


Play as an all mighty god during the time of extinction for these velociraptors. You can save good velociraptors by outstretching your giant hand and saving them from extinction.

But not all velociraptors are good. You’ll come across bad velociraptors who try to push others to their death in big pits. You can use your power to kill these bad velociraptors.

It’s not as gruesome as it seems. This is one of those weird games that is silly and includes tons of hilarious mechanics.

Cookie Clickers

Weird games don’t have to have complex storylines and levels to be addicting. The premise of this next game is quite simple – just tap the big cookie as many times as you can.

We’ve found that this game really sparks our competitive nature. It serves as a simple way to compete against yourself or others. Plus, who wouldn’t love a game with a giant cookie?

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

This endless runner game will have you playing as a robot unicorn who is racing through worlds at war. This pink and sparkly game will have you collecting tears and fairies as you run from ultimate destruction.

Space whales and ice owls are just two of the mythical weird animals you’ll see as you play your way through this game. Those who rank high on the leaderboards will be rewarded with powerful boosts that can help you brave yet another war-torn level.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Slots

We all know Ripley’s Believe It or Not as the authority of weird and unusual information. Well, now you can combine your love of gambling with your love for weird facts.

There are several different slots available, each with a unique gameplay and weird trivia. Here’s how it works. You play the slots and then try to earn bonuses by answering in-game trivia questions.

Of course, all questions were provided by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! So, if you’re a huge fan, you might know some of the answers. Trivia categories include sports, animals, entertainment, gaming, and more. So, if you enjoy things like weird softball facts and gambling, this is the game for you.

If you’re more serious about gambling and want to leave the trivia at home, Fun88 is a Thai app that allows you to bet on real sports and gamble in online casinos. See page for more information.

Goat Simulator

Are you looking to cause destruction under the guise of a cute little goat? Then Goat Simulator is perfect for you. The more you destroy, the more points you’ll get.

But there’s more to this game than just destroying. You can jump on trampolines, eat money, and take strangers for a ride. Additionally, you can choose to play as a normal goat, spider goat, or evil goat.

The playful and adorable nature of Goat Simulator makes it one of our favorite weird games.

Face Fighter

Similar to Office Jerk, Face Fighter gives you the opportunity to take your anger out on someone you really hate. Just choose an image from your camera roll and the game will upload it onto the body of your opponent.

Then, you can punch and kick away to defeat your opponent and your biggest enemy. Admittedly, the game only includes simple punches and kicks, so it’s not one of the weird games that will keep you busy for hours. But it’s great to release some of that pent-up anger.

15 Weird Games You Have to Try

Why stick with the average and boring games, when you can play one of the unusual and weird games available for your mobile phone?

You can shoot boogers, bounce on toilet paper, and sausage fight your way through our list of weird games which are all available in the Android or iPhone store.

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