Casual Fashion: Your Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Top For Your Body Type

//Casual Fashion: Your Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Top For Your Body Type
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Finding the best casual clothes for you means balancing fashion and comfortability. But what’s comfortable for one person may not be the same for someone else.

Many people think that dressing casually means dressing down, but that’s not necessarily true. The key is understanding what tops work best for you and your body type.

Whether your shoulders or broad or narrow, some pieces can look better on you than others. But finding what works for you depends on the shape of your body.

Read on for our guide to casual fashion tops.


The triangle shape is all about drawing attention to your neckline and waistline. Casual fashion for these bodies types focus on owning your natural curves.

Triangle bodies are defined by a waist that is fuller than the chest and shoulders. The ideal clothes for you work with the proportions of your body. This means drawing attention to your narrow shoulders and the curve of your waist.

The key to putting together your outfits is starting with the top. Wearing tops that draw attention to your shoulders also emphasizes the curve of your waist.

Definition in the upper half of the body will only accent the lower half.

This means tops with narrow or scooped necklines. There’s also a lot of opportunities to play around with patterns and bright colors.

Dresses and skirts are another way to maximize your style and comfortability. A-line styles and hemlines that end before the knee can also help elongate your body, helping to accent the right curves in your body.

Owning your triangle body shape means keeping your tops and bottoms balanced. Not only will you feel good, but you’ll look fantastic.


Your weight can sometimes be tricky to control. Circular body shapes tend to have more curves to the center of your body.

Finding the right casual fashion for this kind of body type is focused on balancing your body proportions. This means spreading the attention to different features throughout your figure.

A good place to start with dressing circular body shapes is clothes that fit loosely around your center.

Pick tops with a little more flow and volume, like tunic shirts. These kinds of cuts will take some of the attention away from the midsection.

Where the clothes fit looser in the middle, the sleeves should be a little more fitted. This can make your limbs look a little bit slimmer, balancing the proportions of your body.

Circular body types can look awkward in clothes that draw attention to the wrong places. Being confident and comfortable go hand-in-hand. Both can make the difference between a bad outfit and a fashionable one.

Inverted Triangle

Highlighting the proportions of your body is important no matter how you look. Good casual fashion means you know what to highlight and what to conceal.

Inverted triangle body shapes generally have wider shoulders and busts. Waistlines are typically a little bit smaller, creating that inverted triangle shape.

But this means you have a full bust and slender limbs to help redirect the focus of your figure.

The best tops for inverted triangle body shapes relaxed and flowing pieces. While these more voluminous pieces look great, they don’t have to be your only option.

Clothing made of thicker fabrics can also work well for you. The key is to make sure that these tops draw more direct lines from your bust to your waist. This highlights your best features, making sure to bring attention to all the right places.

Dresses are also great choices for inverted triangle body types. Strapless and maxi-style pieces can help accentuate your neckline and emphasize the shape of your chest. Just make sure to avoid wardrobe malfunctions!

One thing to consider in choosing your bottoms is how they’ll pair with your top. If you’re wearing something more relaxed and oversized, pair it with bottoms that have a structured, skinner look.


Hourglass body types are defined by natural curves. These body types typically have a defined waist and fuller hips, chest, and thighs.

There are two focuses to casual fashion for hourglass shapes: the waist and the body shape.

Keeping your tops more fitted is the first step to accenting your curves. A more tailored fit can help draw more attention to your full waist.

But where the hourglass shape truly shines is in a dress. Wrap dresses and fit and flare styles are the perfect fit for hourglass shapes. This is because they naturally highlight the natural shape of your waistline.

Using your curves to your advantage is the key to dressing your hourglass body shape.


Rectangle body shapes are even and strong. These body types can choose how much they want to show off or hide. The possibilities are nearly endless.

But what does a rectangle body shape look like?

Rectangular figures typically have weight distributed evenly throughout the body. There aren’t many curves, making the chest and shoulder measurements very similar.

There are a lot of different options for this body type. Clothes with a lot of volume can work on top or bottom, but never both.

Rectangular body types have many different options as far as tops. The best choices depend on the feature that you choose to highlight.

If you have more defined shoulders and muscular arms, going with shorter sleeves or even strapless pieces can help bring attention to these features. You could also go the opposite direction and emphasize your slender figure by hiding these features in oversized tops.

You could also opt to wear dresses to show off your long, slender legs a little.

Finding the perfect casual fashion items for a rectangular figure depends on what you want to highlight.

Keep Up With Casual Fashion

Looking great is the first step to feeling great. Understanding which tops suite your body type can make a big difference.

But fashion trends can be tough to keep up with, especially if you don’t know where to look. Check out our blog for everything you need to know about the latest trends in fashion and style.

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