5 Tips to Organize Your Life

//5 Tips to Organize Your Life
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Ever look at the lives of super organized people and wonder ”how do they do it?”.

Juggling a full-time job, children, exercise, friendships, and healthy relationship with your better half can be a struggle, at best.

But the bottom line is: organized people are not born that way. They have merely taught themselves to juggle quite skilfully, and hence, live an organized life.

By definition, you could call living a life of streamlined organization ”adulting” – but what is the secret to striking the ultimate balance?

Here are a few simple steps on how to organize your life like a pro…

Organize Your Life With These Simple Steps

By streamlining your daily routine and adult responsibilities, this can leave you with more open or free-time for yourself.

But any Life Skills Instructor will tell you there are a few basics which are important to pin down from the beginning…

1. Just Jot it Down

Whether you choose to diarize important dates or add them to your mobile phone calendar, just jot it down.

A huge part of being an adult is remembering all sorts of random dates, including play dates for children, birthdays, events with friends- the list goes on.

In fact, your life may seem like one big diarized event at times. But committing to plans means actually following through with them as an organized adult!

Things to remember like groceries, dry cleaning, doctor’s appointments? Write it down on a notepad and place in a highly visible area of your home as a reminder.

2. Schedule Your Time

Some days it may feel like 24 hours simply isn’t enough. How are you supposed to fit in exercise or ”me time” on top of all your other commitments?

Don’t become neglectful of your own time, the time you also deserve in the day. Create a daily schedule of your commitments and make sure to include time for yourself.

In order to meet your goals for the day, create a list each morning and tick off each goal as you complete them for the day. This way you will know whether your scheduled timings are working for you or not.

3. Stop Making Excuses

Ever said ”yes” to an invite, only to make an excuse and back-out of plans later? This is unfair to your friends, family or colleagues.

Being a responsible, organized adult means you are able to stick to plans when you commit to them. This includes being able to say ”no” to things when you just can’t fit it into your schedule.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying ”no”. In fact, it’s a true sign of responsibility and being able to choose where your attention lies.

4. Declutter Your Life

As we grow older, we tend to accumulate mountains of meaningless clutter without even thinking about it.

Take some time to reassess your household belongings and look at what you really want or need in your life. Having fewer things means you are less tied down.

It also means you are able to fully enjoy the possessions you do have, without the distraction of unnecessary clutter.

Instead of renting a new storage unit, donate the belongings you no longer need to a charity that does.

5. Learn to be Consistent

An organized adult is a person who is always reliable, this goes without saying. Learning to be consistent in your actions will help you to be more reliable.

Being consistent when it comes to punctuality, following through on commitments and meeting deadlines shows people you are responsible and care about their time.

There is nothing worse than a grown adult with no regard for someone else’s time, who keeps you waiting, without apology.

Don’t be that person – be consistent.

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