6 Easy Home Updates for a Luxury Look

//6 Easy Home Updates for a Luxury Look
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If you want to modernize your home with some simple home updates and give yourself a luxury look without having to break the bank, you’re not alone. Home decor is one of the most widely searched topics on the internet.

Pinterest, which is one of the most visited social networks for home decor inspiration, for example, has over 130 million visual searches every month and furniture, home decor and style ideas are some of the most popular things people search for on the site.

It’s exciting to look at all the groundbreaking designs and amazing architecture on search engines, but for many, it feels out of reach if you have next to no budget.

Does that mean that if you have no budget you should give up? We sure don’t think so.

This article will guide you through how you can update your home for that luxury look without breaking the bank.

Why You Don’t Need Home Renovations For Your Home Updates

In the US, American people obsess over home renovations. We are always watching videos online of how to modernize your home and try to master those easy home renovations.

In 2019, it’s projected that the US will spend a total of $409 billion on home improvements, that’s a whole chunk of change.

Instead, we’d like to suggest an alternative approach which will still leave your home with a luxury feel, without your bank account weeping.

1. Create Open Space In Your Home

While you may think filling your home with expensive items is the key to luxury, you’d be wrong. Open floor plans are right at the top of the list when it comes to what people look for in a new home.

This is a great opportunity for you to build new space in your home, which adds appeal both for you and any house guests you may entertain.

You might think the only option is to tear down walls, instead, we’d like to suggest something different. Giving your home the illusion of more space is remarkably simple.

By getting rid of bulky furniture items, reducing clutter and moving furniture around your room to open up your space is all you need to do. Some companies, for example, offer some great furniture selections that can maximize your space without leaving your room feeling bulky.

2. Light Up The Dark

Great lighting can be game-changing for your home. A room with terrible dark lighting can make it feel small and cramped.

Alternatively, a room full of light gives the sense of an open and welcoming presence. You can brighten up your room in a number of ways.

Our favorite is using a combination of floor lamps in your dark corners and cozy lamps on side tables. This gives your room a nice warm, welcoming feel.

If you really want to get adventurous, you can replace your ceiling lighting with one of those modern art styles, with a fancy light fixture. Go bohemian for a change. If you are looking for more ideas as to how you change up your lighting fixtures, check out this company.

3. Change Out the Knobs and Handles

Sometimes your kitchen can feel dated and old-fashioned simply by having worn out handles. Take a quick look at your handles and knobs in your kitchen.

If you’re embarrassed, then make a change. It’s really simple to change out the fittings on cabinets in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

You can get every finish you can imagine from bronze, aged copper, stainless steel, you name it, and it’s available. If you want to get quirky, you can mix and match with some custom styling choices.

Don’t worry about sticking to a style. It’s very common to have a modern looking kitchen with vintage-style handles and knobs.

It’s also the same in reverse, with old-fashioned kitchen cabinets having modern stainless steel handles. The choice is in your hand.

4. Dress Your Windows

Windows are so overlooked in a home. With spending all of the decorating budgets on the major investments, don’t overlook this integral part of a room.

It may be easier just to throw up some blinds, but that can leave your windows looking bare and simplistic.

Your windows want you to dress them! You can give them a real luxury look while still adapting to the style and taste of your home.

You’ve got options to go big with geometric curtain designs, with panels being popular. You can also go for a more minimalist choice with soft bamboo shades.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by choice, stick to the color palettes you’ve already picked and match your curtain panels to those. That will create a look that matches any style.

5. Don’t Overlook Your Yard

When you consider a modern looking home, too often you’ll overlook landscaping your garden, thinking just a few trees will do. If gardening isn’t your forte, it’s easy to see how landscaping could give you a scare.

Stick to the simple stuff. Raised garden beds, flowering shrubs, and some niche ornamental stone pieces can go a long way.

Your first stop should always be a local garden center. Staff will typically be well versed in the knowledge of all things plants and can help you with friendly advice.

We suggest taking a couple of pictures and rough sizes of your yard before you head over for advice.

6. Add in Some Modern Wallpaper

The great news about 2018 is we are in a world where wallpaper isn’t permanent. Grandmothers everywhere will sit in silence after having the same wallpaper for 40 years.

For a truly modern look that’s easily changeable consider removable wallpaper. You can pick seasonal patterns and graphics that can make your room look like you brought in outside help — and interior designers aren’t cheap.

You can complete a nice bedroom or living room update in a weekend easily. Make sure to go with a quality brand when selecting these wallpapers, removal, and re-applying may be possible.

Create Those Charming Luxury Home Updates

Making home updates shouldn’t have to be expensive. If you’re feeling the need for a change, you can use these tips to modernize your home.

Adding that feeling of luxury can make you feel both more comfortable when at home relaxing and when hosting guests. If you want more help in maximizing the space in your home, check out some remodeling options to inspire you today.

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