How to Choose Lifestyle Clothing

//How to Choose Lifestyle Clothing
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Wondering how to build a great selection of lifestyle clothing?

You can have an expensive, trendy wardrobe, but if it doesn’t reflect who you really are, you’ll never be happy with it. The right wardrobe doesn’t have to be huge or pricey, but it should fit your personality and lifestyle well. That’s how you eliminate those stressful “I have nothing to wear!” moments.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what you need to build a lifestyle wardrobe, step by step. Keep reading, and get ready to create the closet you’ve always wanted!

1. Know Yourself

Before you start anything else, the best step for building a great selection of lifestyle clothing is to know the person you’re building it for – you.

You can do this by creating a vision board or a fashion journal that reflects you. You can even spend some time shopping online to choose the looks that fit you best (view here for a good selection of online style).

At this stage, don’t buy anything yet. The idea is to get a sense of what your style priorities might be so you can pick the right lifestyle clothing later. Think about what your needs are for your clothing. How much does comfort matter in your life? How about professionalism?

2. Find Inspiration

Now, it’s time to go actively seeking the style inspiration that speaks to you.

Do you have some style icons or celebrities whose fashion you always admire? Write down a list of their names, and search their images on Instagram, Pinterest, or Google. You can even take screenshots of your favorite looks to save for later.

This doesn’t mean you have to pull your style ideas from just one person. Chances are that you’ll find inspiration from a mix of different styles. This research can also help you figure out what you don’t like when it comes to style.

To take this step up a notch, create your own Pinterest board for style inspiration It can even be a secret board – you don’t have to share your finds with anyone if you don’t want to.

Once you’ve searched up your favorite celebrities or fashion bloggers, pin the looks that you liked the best. Once you’re done, go over the board and take notes on what the different looks share in common. If you find yourself writing down a style trait more than once, it’s probably going to be important to your lifestyle clothing.

3. Start Fresh

Next, you’ll want to tackle your closet. We’re talking a complete closet overhaul here, so set aside a solid block of time to do this.

Do an inventory of every piece of clothing you have. Haven’t worn something in a year or more? Donate it (unless it has sentimental value). This will give you a fresh start and an opportunity to build a wardrobe that really speaks to you. Trust your gut as you get rid of things – if you’re debating whether it should stay or go, let it go.

Sometimes, the donation process is faster and more fun with a friend – or at least with a drink in your hand. Turn it into an activity you can enjoy, not a chore.

4. Shop Smart

Now, it’s time to add the new pieces that reflect your lifestyle and tastes. Consider what you spend your time doing. Do you work six days a week? Are you in a regular yoga class? Buy clothes according to your activities as well as your tastes, so you don’t end up with 10 party dresses when you’re really more of a homebody.

You don’t need much money to build a great wardrobe. After you’ve done your cleanout, focus on what’s missing, and buy the essential items to fill those gaps. You can find great pieces at secondhand stores and fast-fashion retailers without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a trendier item, aim to get it as cheaply as possible. If you’re shopping for staple items, like a leather handbag or a coat, it’s okay to spend a little more.

Not sure if your thrift-store find is worth buying? Check the seams, hems, zipper,s and other details for quality. You should also do this with inexpensive fast-fashion finds to make sure they won’t fall apart the first time you wear them.

Before you go shopping, pull up your vision board or your Pinterest inspiration board to get a sense of the looks you want. Are there certain things you’ll need to create the looks you saved? Look for those items first.

You should also prepare for your shopping trip with a list of the specific items you’re looking for that you don’t have already. This will keep you focused and prevent duplicate items from ending up in your closet.

5. Consider Your Goals

In addition to choosing lifestyle clothing based on the life you live now, think about your goals for the future.

Want kind of image do you hope to project to the world in your personal life? At your job? If you’re hoping for a different job or a career change, take your new path into account when you choose new clothes.

A great way to make sure your lifestyle clothing will really suit you well is to make a list of what you typically do in a week. Write down all the activities that are likely to happen, from work to plans with friends. Then, you can select items for your closet accordingly.

The best pieces for your wardrobe will be the ones that can work for more than one situation. Look for versatility and quality, and you can create the perfect closet that has everything you need.

Lifestyle Clothing Will Change Your Life

If you’ve ever spent an hour staring at your closet with no clue what to wear, you know the stress that comes from not choosing your clothing based on your life.

When you start shopping for lifestyle clothing instead of just whatever catches your eye, dressing well becomes simple. You’ll probably even save money with this strategic approach to getting dressed.

Looking for more ideas for crafting a great wardrobe? Check out our list of timeless pieces here.

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