5 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

//5 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas
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With the reception hall booked, the next big thing on your wedding planning agenda will be your wedding invitations.

Wedding invites often dictate the rest of your stationery. The problem is, humans have been getting hitched for thousands of years, so it can feel like if you’ve seen one wedding invite, you’ve seen them all.

We’re here to show you a way to break away from boring tradition! Keep reading for 5 unique wedding invitations that’ll make your wedding stand out from the rest.

1. Passport Invite

We love this cool passport-themed wedding invitation. With its realistic texture, multiple folds and easy personalization, it’s definitely one to consider.

Perhaps you and your spouse-to-be are traveling huge distances to be together, or are tying the knot overseas. Maybe you just love to travel.

If any of those things are true, this may just be the unique wedding invitation for you.

2. Postcard Invitations

Sticking with the travel theme, how about a piece of personalized wedding invitation postcard art? This stunning, bespoke 1940s-themed travel postcard wedding invitation was based on the couple’s venue.

Postcards are a cool and fitting method of inviting your guests to attend your big day. That’s especially true when your love spans two countries, so why not incorporate a postcard as a nod to your journey together.

If money’s tight, though, you can still get a postcard invite to suit your wallet. For an example of beautiful postcard invites that won’t break the bank, head over to Wedding Intro. They look out for brides who want a Cinderella wedding on a pauper’s budget – awesome, right?

3. Tea Towel Wedding Invitations

Any Anglophile worth their salt knows a tea towel is what we’d call a dish towel. But even if you didn’t know that, what a cool way to announce your wedding!

These super unique wedding invitations are the brainchild of Our Wedding Tea Towels. What we love about these is, they’re practical as well as pretty.

Don’t stress about your wedding invitations going in the trash. Send your guests something they’ll use again and again, and they’ll think about you every time they do!

4. The Golden Ticket Chocolate Invitation

These invitations leave us speechless.

Chocolate, weddings and glittering gold, all rolled into one special treat that’ll be sailing through the mailboxes of your nearest and dearest?

Yes, please.

5. Paper Record-Player Invitation

This is a real-life, music-playing paper wedding invitation!

This incredible invite features a record that’ll play your special song when the recipient hand-spins it! And if they have a record player, it’ll work on that, too.

The invitation’s interactive, and the guest has to put it together to play it. But once they do, there’s no way they’re going to be ditching that unique little gem anytime soon.

The Takeaway on Unique Wedding Invitations

Your wedding’s going to be one of the best days of your life, so you want to make it a day to remember.

With so many unique wedding invitations to choose from, you’ll be able to wow your future guests with a memento they’ll cherish.

Pick your style, choose your theme and they’ll be perfect for the day you say ‘I do’!

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