Travel Spotlight: How to Enjoy Vegas On a Budget

//Travel Spotlight: How to Enjoy Vegas On a Budget
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Are you headed to Sin City soon for a girls trip? How about a convention or a bachelorette party? Worried you’ll have to ball on a budget? No problem!

Vegas on a budget is as realistic as it is enjoyable. There’s tons to do for people of all ages.

From hotels to restaurants to events, living the fancy life during your Las Vegas excursion is completely do-able, and we’re here to show you how!

Hitting Up the Hotels

  • Plan your trip in the middle of the week. Typically, the middle of the week isn’t traveled as often, meaning that hotels drop their prices to draw more people in.
  • Keep your eye on the calendar. Las Vegas hosts some of the biggest events in the world (the SuperBowl, fight weekends, conventions). Avoid visiting the city during these times; hotels like to jack up their prices to increase their profit.
  • Run from resort fees! Hotels can be sneaky by attaching “resort fees” on a per night basis to your booking. These fees can range from $20-$35 a night and aren’t included in the original listing price. Look for resorts and hotels that don’t have a resort fee; these will be your best bet.

Finding Reasonably Priced Food

  • Find the buffets. Buffets are usually priced around or under $30 and offer all-you-can-eat. They’re a great way to save money while enjoying breakfast and dinner. Never skip breakfast. If you eat a big breakfast, it will help keep you fuller throughout the day.
  • Hit the happy hours. Most restaurants in Las Vegas have happy hours that serve drinks and small entrees at a discounted rate. Find out the local restaurant’s happy hour times and take advantage of discounted food.
  • Feed at the food trucks. Food trucks are another great way to score some quality food on a budget. Scout some of these trucks out for a quick and mobile bite.

How to Find the Fun

  • The fountains. It’s a Vegas no-brainer. The Fountains of Bellagio are iconic and don’t cost a thing to watch. During the day, there is a fountain show every 30 minutes and after 8 pm, a show every 15 minutes.
  • Tix4Tonight. This is a great website to click if you decide last minute you’d like to see a show. These tickets are usually discounted 50% off their original price.
  • Make your hotel work for you. Hotels on the strip typically offer discounted prices on upcoming shows. Call down to the front lobby of your hotel and ask if they’ve got any discounts on shows coming up.

Additional Tips for Staying in Vegas On A Budget

  • The car situation. If you plan to only stay on the strip, renting a car isn’t necessary. Everything is either within walking distance or a short cab ride. The airport is 10 minutes away from the strip, so you never have to worry about transportation.
  • Avoiding flighty flight costs. If you’re flying into Vegas, be strategic with your booking. It’s actually been proven that booking on a Tuesday morning 6-8 weeks prior or on a Sunday three weeks prior are the best times to get the lowest flight price.

Vegas, Here We Come!

There you have it. How to enjoy a trip to Vegas on a budget. The key is being realistic as well as creative. So get creative.

Get dolled up with the girls and head on out! The city is waiting for you.

Have fun in Vegas!

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