5 Fabulous Hair Trends to Try in 2018

//5 Fabulous Hair Trends to Try in 2018
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Another year, another set of hairstyles we might be brave enough to try.

Each new year, tons of women (and men) want to start the year fresh with an awesome new hairstyle.

In 2017, we saw bold trends like rainbow-dyed roots, bright white blondes, and elaborate braids. It was an experimental year, to say the least.

If those kinds of things are still your style, you do you. For those of you looking for something a bit lower-maintenance, you’ll be happy to know that 2018 hair trends are all about getting back to more natural hair.

Check out some of the hottest hair trends for 2018 below.

Natural Textures

Natural is IN this year, ladies.

Put away the hair dryers, straighteners, and anything that damages your hair.

This year, opt to let your hair air dry. The added texture you get from letting it dry naturally is not only on point, but it also lets your hair heal.

Natural textures are also hot for African American women this year.


One of the top 2018 hair trends will be 80’s-inspired hair. This is thanks largely in part to incredibly popular Netflix shows like Stranger Things and Glow that are based in the 80’s.

Styles like the boy cut, slicked back hair, perms, beehives, and bouffants will all be popular for women. You might also see men rocking the mullet or curly perm.

Low Ponies

If you’re into letting your hair air dry for texture, you can take it one step farther with a low pony. The added texture will make the ponytail interesting.

You’ll see these loose ponies worn low on the neck. Instead of reaching for the elastic that’s always on your wrist, grab a ribbon or leather cord to tie back your hair.

Rooted & Golden Blondes

A new hairstyle this year is to have roots intentionally in your dye job. It can give your hair a “lived-in” feel while also preserving the newer part of your hair from being stripped and colored.

You’ll see this style done mostly with ice blonde hair.

If super-light blonde doesn’t match your skin tone, then try the new golden blonde color that will be popular this year. When you discuss the color with your hair stylist, think of a warm, flaxen gold to describe the color.

You can learn more about hair coloring here.


Balayage is a game changer for you ladies who don’t want to spend hours in the styling chair.

Traditional hair coloring strips the hair then adds color back. Balayage is a highlighting technique that has a softer, sweeping appearance. The lines are not as noticeable, giving your hair a sun-kissed look.

Balayage is also highly customizable based on your haircut, face shape, and skin tone. You colorist will be able to choose where the balayage strokes go to enhance those features.

It’s a fast process, and the color grows out naturally, meaning fewer appointments for you.

Go Get Those 2018 Hair Trends!

If you’re like us, you’re likely calling your stylist right now to make an appointment for these 2018 hair trends.

Whether you’re excited to let your hair dry naturally (we know we are!) or you want to try something edgier like exposed roots, it doesn’t matter. You do you in 2018.

Once you have your 2018 hairstyle sorted, you can figure out how to rock your fashion game for the rest of this winter.

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