5 Quick and Easy House Repair Tips That Anyone Can Use

//5 Quick and Easy House Repair Tips That Anyone Can Use
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Are you a homeowner who’s looking to save some money?

Owning a home is one of the most expensive ventures you’ll ever partake in, so it’s no wonder you’re looking to save some money. 

Not every house repair issue requires you to call a professional. Especially not for their prices.

There are a lot of home repair problems you can take care of yourself that will help keep your costs down.

Let’s take a look at five quick and easy house repair projects anyone can do.

1. Unclogging a Toilet Drain

Often times, when a toilet gets clogged our first instinct is to call the plumber (After we’ve pointed the finger of blame on someone else, of course).

Before you pick up the phone, there are a couple of solutions you’ll want to try.

First, try using a plunger. Make sure there’s enough water in the bowl to submerge the plunger (fill it up if there isn’t). Then, give about 10 good thrusts. This should take care of most minor clogs

If this doesn’t work, you can try a toilet auger. Run the auger until it reaches the clog, then start cranking. Once you get a good grip, pulling the clog out shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Leaky Bathroom/Kitchen Pipe

Leaky pipes in the kitchen or bathroom are a huge nuisance.

The first step in fixing a leaky pipe is to completely turn off the sink—you may have to go to the basement to find the valve.

Then, place a bucket underneath the pipe and remove the compression nuts. Rinse out the pipe and replace the washer (also known as the P-trap). Screw everything back on and the leak should be gone.

3. Patch a Hole In Drywall

Holes in the drywall don’t just happen at college party houses, they happen to everyone.

Luckily, patching up a small hole is a quick fix.

First, wipe down the walls and clean debris from the area. Put some spackle on the wall using a small putty knife and let it dry. Then, to make it nice and flat, sand it down with some sandpaper.

A fresh coat of paint may also be necessary if you’re planning to sell your home soon or place it on a house listings board.

4. Unstick a Sliding Window

Windows that stay shut for a long time often get grimed up with dirt and debris.

This can make it extremely difficult to open.

To fix this, spray some silicone lubricant onto a rag and apply it to the tracks of the window. And, be sure to give the window a deep clean once it’s moving again.

5. Replace a Light Switch

While most electric work should be left to the pros, replacing a light switch is a fairly simple job you can do on your own.

First, turn off the circuit breaker. Then, remove the faceplate covering the switch using a screwdriver. There are two wires connected to the switch—test these to make sure electricity isn’t running through them before proceeding.

Then, disconnect the wires. Attach them to a new switch and put the faceplate back in place.

House Repair Tips: Wrap Up

We hope these house repair tips help save you some money!

Have you completed any of these home repair projects successfully? Drop us a comment below and share your story.



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