5 Things You Need for a Shabby Chic Garden Shed

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Are you a fan of feminine decor? Do you like some accents to look a little rough around the edges?

Do special vintage finds make your heart feel right at home?

If so, you may want to consider turning your old shed into a special shabby chic garden oasis.

No matter if you are a first-time decorator or if making spaces your own is your thing, we have the tips to transform your shed.

Here Are 5 Things You Need for a Shabby Chic Garden Shed

1. A Little Edge

One of the most recognizable aspects of shabby chic garden design is the use of rough, distressed textures.

This makes starting with an old shed all the better, since it does not need all the remodeling necessary to look perfect. Shabby chic means a being okay with things looking a little (or a lot) rough around the edges.

Things like chipped paint and old wood are encouraged, bringing character and coziness to the space.

2. A Touch of Floral and Feminine

To balance the rough, you need to add the smooth.

Using floral patterns and pastel tones in the furniture and fabrics of the shed will help tie everything together. It balances things with a bright and light feeling.

Fresh flowers are a must as well. Anything from a fresh bouquet of roses to dry lavender do the trick.

3. Something Old

A great way to get a vintage look is to start with vintage pieces.

Your local thrift shop or flea market is sure to have something your shabby chic garden is missing.

Take a trip to see what you can discover – maybe the perfect reading chair or antique shelf for the fresh flowers you’re collecting?

4. Something “New”

Another bonus of vintage shopping is the ability to put your unique twist on what you find.

Some things work great as is, others can be repurposed to have a completely new, exciting use. Examples of this include using old sinks as birdbaths, wooden ladders as shelves, and even bed frames as a gardening space.

Challenge yourself to visualize things differently in the market. This will create a beautiful, unique twist when you are bringing the space together at home.

5. A Pop of Color

The running theme of shabby chic is light, clean colors mixed with old, rustic tones. Think mostly white spaces tied together in dark brown wooden ribbon.

Adding a dash of a deep, rustic red or a bold, royal blue may be the perfect finishing touch. This goes great on the door to your garden shed or as an accent on one interior wall.

Painting is also the perfect time to call the best termite company in town over to inspect the space.

A simple inspection or cleaning is an important touch of love to the old wood making up your shed and furniture. It will ensure the space you have worked to create will last for years to come.

From Simple Shed to Cozy and Comfortable

No matter what approach you decide to take on your shabby chic garden decorating, it will definitely become one of your favorite spaces on your property.

Taking the time to recreate an old shed and make it your own is a special experience. It recreates what may not have been used much before into an entirely new world.

Are you a fan of shabby chic decor? Tell us some of your favorite tips below.

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