5 Ways to Create Your Ultimate Dream Bedroom

//5 Ways to Create Your Ultimate Dream Bedroom
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Dreams start in the bedroom, so why not make those dreams a reality?

You spend about a third of your life sleeping, and we spend a lot of time in bed even beyond that. So it makes sense to splash out when it comes to the bedroom.

Why not take this chance to get the dream bedroom you’ve always wanted? As we’ve just covered, it’s entirely justified!

That’s why we’ve put together some tips on how to get your dream bedroom.

Create the Perfect Bed

It’s called a bedroom for a reason, after all.

The bed is more than just the place where you sleep. It forms the centerpiece of your entire bedroom design. Luckily, there’s a huge range of options for modern beds.

If you want the full fairy tale look, why not try a full four-poster with drapes and sleep like royalty? Alternatively, you can go modern and minimalist, with a low profile and options for extra storage.

You’ll also want to think carefully about whether to choose a bed that stands clear of the floor. It can be great for a little extra space, but it may attract clutter!

We’ll get into color in more detail below. But whatever you choose for your color should be centered on the bed. Use a site like VisionBedding to pick out some colors and patterns.

It can be useful to do this as a first step – it could inspire your whole color scheme.

One of the most important spaces will be the head of the bed. There’s a huge range of things you can do with the headboard/bedside table set-up. This is a great opportunity to really personalize the space for your dream bedroom.

For instance, do you spend a lot of time propped up in bed with a book or phone? If so, you want to think about making the headboard part of the comfort experience. Padded headboards can add that extra dimension of relaxation.

Or maybe you’d rather an artsy metal design for a bedroom that boasts personality? The right headboard can set the tone for the room.

Do you have a problem with clutter on your bedside tables? Maybe it’s time to consider splashing out on a headboard with integrated storage. Extra shelves around the sleeping area can help you store books, gadgets, and other things you might want on hand.

Some headboards even have integrated bedside tables, which can tie things together. Once you’ve made these important choices about the bed, you’re ready to build outwards and assemble the perfect dream bedroom.

Find Your Colors

Color has a huge impact on human psychology. So you’ll want to think this through before you start to redecorate.

The bedroom should be the most peaceful, relaxing part of your house. That means choosing the right colors is key.

Everyone has their own favorite color combo, so the important thing here is to choose the scheme that’s right for you. Your dream bedroom is a personal space, so no one can tell you exactly what to do.

But you should choose no more than two or three colors that work well together, and use these as the principal colors in your decoration. This gives your room a focused visual look.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules about which elements you should match, so feel free to experiment! If you get stuck, there are a few combos you can’t go wrong with.

Try matching the drapes to your cushions, for instance. Matching your bed’s base to hard furnishings like bedside tables and chests of drawers is also a smart move.

If you’re not sure about which color combinations to work with, here are a few smart ideas for a relaxing bedroom:

Blue and White

Blue and white is a wonderfully calm color combination. It’s been shown to relieve stress and anxiety. This color combo also has the advantage of a clean look. That makes it a good fit for neat-freaks.

Green and Pink

Green is a healthy, refreshing color. A spot of pink as an accent can really make the colors of the room pop, creating a bedroom with a sense of vitality. This color scheme evokes an outdoorsy garden feel and helps to wake you up in the mornings.

Neutral and Anything

Neutral grays are excellent if you’re afraid you might feel dominated by other colors. You can combine grays with almost anything to keep a refined taste to the bedroom while also offering a splash of fun.

Use cushions, footstools, and drapes to create your color pops. Their strong contrast with your neutral colors will make them stand out.

Gold and Black

We are talking about a dream bedroom, here. So if you’ve always imagined a life of decadence, then going for gold could be right for you.

This style goes great with some art deco furnishings to display a streak of opulence. Gold and black can create a perfect feeling of modernity while also using classic colors. You could even use occasional pops of other colors to keep the room from drifting too far toward ‘classy hotel.’

Treat Your Feet

Nobody wants to feel a cold floor on their feet first thing in the morning. You’re aiming to feel energized, not like you want to stay in bed all day.

To avoid this adult version of ‘the floor is lava,’ you want to give some serious thought to your carpeting.

If you have a bare floor, such as wood or laminate, then rugs are a great solution to this problem. Wooden floors are stately, so it’s a shame to cover them up entirely. But a rug positioned to surround the bed actually adds to the finish – as well as feeling good between the toes.

If you have full carpet, it’s a good idea to go for something soft and deep. A rich carpet can help to ease your feet after a long day. This micro-massage starts the wind-down for your body even before you slip between the sheets.

Unlike other areas in your home, it’s safe to go for light colors in the bedroom. You shouldn’t be wearing shoes there, so it’ll be much easier to keep clean. Light colors will also stop your bedroom feeling oppressive, which is the last thing you want in a relaxing space.

Own the Room

Many people don’t just use their bedrooms for sleeping. If that’s you, then you need to own the space.

What do we mean? You need to tailor the space you have to what you’ll use it for. This will take your bedroom from a catalog showroom to a space that belongs to you personally.

A reading chair by the window can tap into that ‘dream bedroom’ feel, adding a fairy tale level of comfort. If you have a bay window, why not set an area aside for a little afternoon tea?

A couple of seats and a small coffee table could create an idyllic summer space. Or you could try a window seat, which can be a wonderful option for a room with a view.

Drawers, wardrobes, and other hard furnishings don’t have to be purely functional, either. In fact, they’re key to setting the feel of the bedroom. Make sure you choose colors and designs that reflect the personality of your dream bedroom.

Choose quirky furniture to capture a sense of fun. Or something stately for a luxurious feel.

This is the area where you can really bring out the personality of your dream bedroom. Luckily, this is also the easiest to change on the fly, so don’t be afraid to keep making tweaks until you’re happy with the end result.


Just as with an outfit, accessories can take bedroom decor to the next level.

You can take accessorizing down one of two paths when it comes to the bedroom. Firstly, you can stick strictly to the color scheme. That means buying art, wall canvases, and other decorations that highlight and emphasize the bedroom’s color scheme.

Match picture frames to other hard furnishings. Use light, floral patterns to complement blues and greens – the options here are infinite.

But some people might find this approach a bit too neutral. This is the bedroom, after all, not a showroom! If you’re one of these people, you’ll be better off choosing some more personal ornaments and wall art.

Don’t be afraid to decorate the bedroom with personal effects that make you feel at home. Other decorative elements like lamps should work to reinforce your color scheme.

You’ll want a nice strong light for your main light source. This prevents eye strain from reading in the evening or morning. But you might choose something softer for your bedside lamps.

Get Your Dream Bedroom Now

With this many options, it’s hard not to get excited about your dream bedroom! So why not come up with some ideas now and see if you can make them a reality? You’ll be sure to benefit from it in the long run.

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