5 Herbal Products With Fantastic Health Benefits

//5 Herbal Products With Fantastic Health Benefits
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The use of natural medicine and remedies has grown in popularity over the last decade.

Holistic, natural, and green are just some of the phrases used to describe alternative medicine of this generation.

As people shy away from using over the counter medications or prescriptions, they are turning to more natural ways of healing ailments.

Let’s examine five herbal products that can offer amazing health benefits — some of which can be found in your kitchen cabinets or local grocery store.

5 Amazing Herbal Products for Healing


Arthritis can be a truly debilitating condition for those who suffer. Joint pain, stiffness, and swelling cause daily discomfort for sufferers.

But it’s believed that turmeric can help.

Turmeric is a spice found in curry that is said to have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is actually the ingredient that eases both pain and swelling for arthritis patients.

Other benefits of this herbal product include the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and colon cancer.

St. John’s Wort

Many people may have heard of this next herbal product on the list without any real knowledge of what it is or does for the body.

St. John’s wort offer’s more relief for patient’s mental condition than physical. Believed to relieve mild to severe depression and anxiety, some patients consume the herb upwards of three times a day.

You can ingest this healing herbal product through capsules, tea or as a liquid extract. Because it contains melatonin, St. John’s wort may also improve sleep.

Other awesome herbs that can help reduce stress and anxiety include holy basil and medical marijuana.


Now it’s time to turn to the kitchen for some awesome herbal products that can provide some pretty amazing health benefits.

Not only is cinnamon sweet to smell and taste, but this common household item can work wonders for lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Cinnamon extract has been successfully used by type 2 diabetics to reduce blood sugar as much as 10%. Changes in cholesterol include decreased levels as high as 13%.


Not just used to flavor our dinners and fight off vampires, garlic can actually be used to lower your risk of certain cancers.

Garlic also brings with it cardiovascular benefits that help lower high blood pressure. The main ingredient found in this herbal product is allicin, which decreases blood pressure levels and may even prevent stroke.

Patients need to consume quite a bit of garlic (up to five cloves daily) to see its benefits. Garlic extract capsules are a more pleasant alternative.


Who knew that your garden may contain an herb that helps prevent cancer and tumor development. And one that tastes delicious too!

When added to any type of meats you’re cooking, rosemary reduces the HCA levels that are created during the cooking process. HCAs (or heterocyclic amines) have been connected to many forms of cancer.

Antioxidants in rosemary are said to destroy the HCAs. Preventing these carcinogens from entering the body also prevents tumor development.

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