5 Oily Skin Care Tips to Keep You Shine Free

//5 Oily Skin Care Tips to Keep You Shine Free
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If you have oily skin, you know it. And unfortunately, you probably feel like everyone who looks at your skin too long knows it, too.

Oil appears as shine, and it often accentuates the parts of your skin you’d rather it didn’t.

Caring for oily skin requires addressing some useful tips.

Here are five oily skin care tips to create the matte look you’ve been aiming for.

Top Oily Skin Care Tips

1. Use Cleansers for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you’ll likely benefit from a two-step cleansing process.

Step 1 should include an oil cleanser to break down products and sebum on your face left behind by makeup or sunscreen.

Step 2 should include a cleanser that goes deeper to focus on all the other impurities your skin deals with like pollution or airborne bacteria. Because the first round got rid of all the excess oil and junk, the second round can go even deeper into your pores.

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2. Take A Day Off From Makeup

This is one of the most controversial oily skin tips out there not because it doesn’t work, but because going makeup-free is a touchy subject for many people.

However, whether you’re leaving the house or chilling at home, scheduling a makeup-free day is one of the best things you can do for your oily skin.

3. Add Powder Or Primer Under Your Makeup

If you wear makeup pretty much every day, you probably find that you absorb it and some areas of your face get shiny.

Prevent this by using a primer or a powder under your foundation or BB cream.

The primer helps everything stay in place, even on oily areas.

Start by cleansing your face. Then add primer or powder to your oiliest areas like your forehead, chin, and nose. Once the primer is on, apply your makeup as usual.

4. Use A Weekly Mask

Thanks to Korean beauty experts and Instagram, masks are all the rage again.

A weekly mask can help you deal with oily skin by balancing the amount of oil sitting in your pores and getting rid of debris that causes acne.

When hunting down a mask designed for your skin type, look for clay-based masks.

Clay has purifying and clarifying properties that dig down into your pores and extract all the gross stuff that gets stuck in there when you have oily skin.

Some can also provide a balancing effect that stops your skin from going into oil (sebum) producing overdrive.

5. Get A Facial

Facials seem like a splurge, but they’re a must if you’re having trouble getting your skin under control.

A good facialist or aesthetician will be able to identify the root of the problem and help you get on your way to fix it with a deep clean.

Don’t take chronic skin care problems to a facialist, though. Think of it as more of a pampering treatment – because you deserve it.

Still not convinced? Try one at home instead.

Want More Oily Skin Care Tips?

These are five of our favorite tips for taking care of oily skin. Stay tuned for more skin care advice for all skin types.

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