6 Unforgettable Places to Throw Your Bachelorette Party

//6 Unforgettable Places to Throw Your Bachelorette Party
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Are you getting ready to host your bachelorette party but are unsure where to throw it?

Your party should be a memorable bonding experience between you and your closest lady friends.

Not everyone is interested in waking up in debt with a huge hangover after a wild night in Vegas, we get that.

That’s why we compiled a list of 6 alternative places to throw an incredible bachelorette party.

1) Epcot: Orlando, Florida

Grab your mouse ears and your bridesmaids and head to Epcot Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Epcot is a fantastic destination for a party because it combines fun, culture, and booze.

Epcot is a theme park that lets you walk through models of different countries. In one day you can sample foods from Japan, Germany, France, and Italy.

“Drinking around the world” is a popular activity for adults at Epcot and would be perfect for your bachelorette party.

2) London, United Kingdom

Want an awesome European destination where everyone speaks your language? Head to London for a long girls weekend.

London has incredible museums, theatre, and nightlife. You can spend all day wandering around British museums, then catch a play at the Globe theatre before heading to a nightclub.

Check out an incredible nightclub like the new Reign London, using the Reign guestlist to ensure your access.

This will ensure you have a premium clubbing experience.

3) Asheville, North Carolina

Are you more of a nature girl? Try a mountain retreat in Asheville, North Carolina for your bachelorette party.

Asheville is a deceptively fun and interesting city to visit. There are plenty of bars and eclectic coffee shops and stores in town.

It’s also just a short drive to incredible mountains where you and your friends can go hiking or white water rafting.

4) Take a Cruise

Sometimes a weekend cruise can cost less than a weekend in a hotel, plus the food on a cruise is included.

Sail away with your best friends one last time before you tie the knot.

Head to Mexico or the Bahamas for a weekend and come home feeling refreshed and with a lovely tan for your wedding.

5) Denver, Colorado

Having a winter wedding? Consider a ski vacation to Denver, Colorado.

Not only is Denver a fun city to experience snow and skiing, it also has tons of breweries and local nightlife.

Doing something active and thrilling like skiing will bond you and your bridesmaids together.

6) St Petersburg, Florida

When most people think of beaches in Florida, they head straight for Miami.

However, the beaches surrounding St. Petersberg are far nicer, less crowded, and more pristine. Plus, hotels and activities in St. Pete are less expensive than Miami.

Enjoy a relaxing weekend on the beach for your special party. You won’t regret it.

Have the Bachelorette Party of Your Dreams

Remember wherever you decide to have your party, the most important thing is spending quality time with your friends.

Do you only have one night to party instead of a whole weekend? If so, check out our article on having an amazing girl’s night out.

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