5 Workout Clothes You Can Wear to the Office

//5 Workout Clothes You Can Wear to the Office
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What do Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook), and Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks) have in common besides incredible success?

They work out before their workday begins.

Early workouts get the day started with “feel good” endorphins. This positivity carries over to the workplace and shows in your productivity.

The problem: going into work sweaty.

You may not have time to shower after the morning exercise. Don’t fret, because there are workout clothes that’ll fit right in at work.

Five Workout Clothes For The Office Environment

An hour doing weight training will build up a sweat. Going to work stinky won’t win over the coworkers.

You’re seeking is a middle-ground of good sleep but early routines. This is where workout clothes come into play — here are five types worth considering.

1. Yoga Pants And Compression Tights

It’s unlikely others will bat an eye when you show up to work in yoga pants or tights. These comfortable leggings provide mobility for your workout without revealing too much.

Opt for prints with yoga pants to replicate the appearance of trousers. Let compression tights be your undergarments for the busy day.

Both Lululemon and ec3dsports are where you’ll want to shop for these two.

Though, it’s best not to push these too far at work. Wearing them during high-profile meetings won’t exactly exude professionalism.

2. Hoodies And Sweatshirts

Athleisure wear is the hybrid between business casual and athletic wear.

Athletic hoodies and sweatshirts are typically made of materials that are odor resistant. This feature is perfect for those cold morning routines and daytime work activities.

Light materials allow these two wears to match the outfit without being too bulky and obvious.

Nordstrom, Gap, and Lululemon have variety at low prices to explore this option.

3. Jumpsuits And Rompers

Jumpsuits and rompers are a strong fashion statement. They’re light-weight and provide an effortless style. This is perfect for fitting your athletic needs while staying professional.

Pair it with a blazer and accessories once you’re heading into work.

The adjustable waistbands provide a comfy fit. Take a look at the offerings by Bebe, Forever 21, or H&M for inspiration and selection.

4. Tunic Tops

Tunic tops are unisex. These wears have been part of fashion for thousands of years. They’re making a big comeback with fresh designs and versatility.

Top varieties include:

  • Belted
  • Ruched
  • Flowing
  • Bohemian
  • Fitted

The style is best paired with form-fitting bottoms like shorts or skirts. Opt for merino wool tunic tops for extra durability and odor resistance.

5. Shorts + Tee

There’s nothing wrong with shorts and a t-shirt at work especially since most business environments have gone casual.

Do consider your coworkers if the wears get too smelly from sweating. Else, keep rockin’ them throughout your day if they’re odor resistant.

The basic shorts + tee combo gives you the mobility to get active whenever you have downtime.

For Those Exercising During Work

These workout clothes are perfect for those wanting to get extra activity in during their breaks or lunch hour. You’ll get to double down on your exercise and have the afternoon wide open for relaxation time.

Be the Success You Want

You may not be a billionaire like our examples. But, you sure could feel like one if you’re up early and get in a healthy exercise routine!

Athleisurewear is the perfect wardrobe addition for the busy-body. Take a trip on over to your favorite clothing store (or shop online) to see the hot, new styles you’re bound to love. Then, pair them with great styles covered here on the blog.

Be the success you want while looking great in the office.

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