5 Stylish Bohemian Design Trends for Your Home

//5 Stylish Bohemian Design Trends for Your Home
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Are you looking for ways to incorporate more bohemian design trends in your home?

If you’re into bright colors, free-flowing fabrics, and mixed patterns, boho home decor is for you.

Bohemian trends in fashion and interior decorating don’t follow any design rules. Their beauty is in the little things, like re-purposed furniture and decor that references your travels around the world.

Your sofa cushions don’t have to match the wall decor or paint. Your carpets can be in different colors and patterns, too.

If you want to liven up your home and make it a cozy space for living and entertaining, boho is the way to go.

Keep reading to discover 5 ways to style your home the bohemian way.

1. Furniture From Around the World

Pieces of furniture that come from different parts of the world are the perfect representation of the boho home design.

These include handmade decorations, ornament lanterns, filigrees, dreamcatchers, antique benches, colorful tiles, and hand-painted plates and cups.

Paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art you’ve collected on your travels will be a great addition to an already artistic home.

2. A Mixture of Textiles and Materials

Bohemian design trends are known for their courageous mixing of textiles.

Don’t be afraid to bring together heavier materials with cotton, hemp, or flax. For example, if you plan to get a sofa and armchairs, buy them all in different materials.

Also, you can put rugs and carpets on the floor in one room, but keep the woodwork or tiles fully exposed in another.

In the kitchen, use a mix of natural wooden and bamboo elements with porcelain and metal.

3. A Mixture of Patterns

Boho style is all about freedom of expression, joyfulness, and going with the flow. The patterns you choose for your home should reflect that.

You can freely mix crochet cushion covers with florals and stripes. You can choose flamboyant wall decorations to combine with neutral tones on the furniture.

You can also have intricate carpets to go with geometric patterns in your bedroom.

In boho design, it’s all about the story behind the pieces and what they mean to you, rather than the perfect combination.

4. Agate Details

Agate stones are becoming more included in bohemian design trends. You can find them in coffee tables, coasters, decorative items, and framed wall art.

These go perfectly with rougher textiles, neutral colors, and rustic wood pieces. The idea is to get closer to the earth, as agate is a natural semi-precious stone.

5. Himalayan Salt Lamps

You can’t have a bohemian home without a Himalayan salt lamp. These lamps are more than just decor. They purify the air, soothe your soul, and help you to relax with their soft amber color.

For example, Luvin Life salt lamps makes lamps in many different sizes and shapes. So, if you don’t like the rough contours of the basic salt lamp, you can get a heart, a leaf, a lotus, or a pyramid.

Pro tip: Make sure you buy salt lamps from verified companies.

Would You Try These Bohemian Design Trends in Your Home?

Giving your home a bohemian vibe is easy with our design tips!

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