5 Modern Kitchen Accessories You Can’t Live Without

//5 Modern Kitchen Accessories You Can’t Live Without
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If you love to cook, then you know the importance of a well-stocked kitchen.

But these days, that doesn’t just mean having a great set of pans. There are a ton of modern kitchen accessories that will improve your culinary flow and make cooking more fun than you ever imagined.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few modern kitchen accessories that you need to have.

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream sandwich?

With this mini ice cream sandwich press from Cuisipro, you can make your own ice cream sandwiches any time you like.

Mix your own choice of ice cream flavors and cookie wafers then cut them into different shapes.

These presses are available in heart, star, or circle shape. And the bright green and pink colors are sure to be a great accent to your kitchen.

Drop Kitchen Connected Scale

A good kitchen scale is an essential part of any cook’s armory. Getting proper measurements is very important for following a recipe.

But what if your scale and your recipe could actually talk to each other?

With the Drop Scale, that’s now a reality.

The Drop Scale syncs with a recipe app to make the best meals scientifically possible.

Running out of sugar? Cooking for a party from a recipe for two?

The Drop Scale automatically resizes the recipe to suit.

Nostalgia Bacon Express Grill

Everyone’s favorite breakfast meat is about to get an upgrade.

The Nostalgia Bacon Express Grill makes delicious, crispy bacon. But without all the grease.

Using a vertical non-stick cooking plate, the grease drips away. What’s left is bacon with all the taste, but none of the fat. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast without ruining your weight loss goals.

And on top of that, with its sleek retro design, this grill looks great in any kitchen.

One Click Butter Cutter

How do you cut your butter? With a knife? That’s how the cavemen do it.

If you want to live in the future, you need some more modern kitchen accessories.

Enter the One Click Butter Cutter. This handy gadget cuts a precise pad of butter right onto your toast.

All you do is is slide a stick of butter into the Butter Cutter, squeeze the handle, and the perfect pad of butter comes right out.

And, it serves as a compact butter dish.

Kitchenart Adjustable Scoop

A measuring cup is an essential part of every kitchen. But what if your measuring cup was smarter?

If you’re tired of jumbling through cumbersome stacks of measuring cups to find the right size, this adjustable scoop from Kitchenart is for you.

Simply adjust the scoop to fit the size you need, and voila. One cup does it all.

What Are Your Favorite Modern Kitchen Accessories?

Have you stumbled upon a piece of kitchenware that changed your life? Got any gadgets you swear by?

Let us know in the comments, and get cooking!

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