5 Tips for Being Stylish in Comfy Clothes

//5 Tips for Being Stylish in Comfy Clothes
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In 2017, fashion and comfort go hand in hand. From carwash pleats and athleisure looks you no longer have to feel uncomfortable to be fashionable.

There are now loose, chic, trendy comfy clothes that are wearable for even the high-end occasions. You can transition from a day with your friends to a night out while maintaining optimal comfort levels.

Comfort is in, so throw on your favorite joggers, a wedge heel, a crop top and hit the streets. We have officially entered the golden age of dressing comfortably with functionality.

Here’s a list of tips for being stylish in comfortable clothing:

1. Layer It

The shows this season at New York Fashion Week featured incredible looks with multiple layers. Consider pashminas and scarves to add fashion to any look you have planned.

Be flexible with your look. Bring a slouchy cardigan for chilly plane rides or a collarless jacket for a cool night out. Layering is all the rage this year and doing so comfortably will leave you prepared for any kind of weather.

Plus, tying your poncho or shrug around your waist accentuates your silhouette as you saunter down the avenue. Create a lifestyle full of comfortable fashion with layering.

2. Do Sweat It

Sweatpants in public once sounded ridiculous and lazy. Now, street stylish guru’s are wearing fashionable sweats in abundance. Pair your sweats with a blazer or patterned top.

Sport bright white shoes with fresh designer sweatpants to create a contemporary, too cool to dress up look.

3. It’s All In The Sneakers

Great news: fashion sneakers are in. Our most comfortable shoe choice is now considered high fashion. You can finally wear your sneaks outside of the gym.

Choose sneakers with bright, bold patterns. Consider sneakers in metallic colors made of cool fabrics when it comes to comfy clothes. You’ll be hot to trot all evening long and can tear up the dance floor in your sneakers.

For the nights you do need to wear a heel, just pack your flat feet insoles in your purse for the walk home.

4. In A Hood, You Could

Get it! Hoods and stylish zip-up jackets were a hit last year and are equally as incorporated into high fashion this year. True to the layering trend currently happening in the fashion world, this is a great addition to any look.

Tuck your hair behind your ears and let the hood work its magic. Let your hair flow effortlessly as you create an urban-chic hooded look as you bounce about town. What’s more? You’ll protect your hair-do in the case of unpredictable weather and rainfall.

Especially for women, you can’t go wrong with zip-up jackets and hoodies. They are the way to go for functionality and comfy clothes.

5. Comfy Clothes: Pajama Pants

Okay, perhaps not actual pajama pants. But pajama-style pants are certainly a good option this year for stylish but comfortable clothing. Pair your silky pants with sleek accessories and an oversized sweater this fall.

Go Comfy or Go Home, Or Both

You can be comfy and stylish both in your home and out on the town now. Use layering, pajama pants, and hoodies to create cool looks.

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