5 Home Workouts for Women Who Hate the Gym

//5 Home Workouts for Women Who Hate the Gym
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For most women, it’s already hard enough to fit in exercise to their daily routine.

We lead busy lives and most of us have no time to make it to the gym. Not to mention there’s the pressure of competing with fitness buffs and the cost of a membership.

This shouldn’t be an excuse to not work out though, since the mood boost from working out can last 12 hours from just 20 minutes of exercise!

So how do you fit in workouts in without leaving your house?

There is a solution. Here are five amazing home workouts for women who can’t make it to the gym.

1. The Side Plank Workout

Start by lying on your left side with your knees straightened.

Prop your upper body on your left forearm and elbow, which should be directly below your left shoulder. Place your right hand on your right hip and make your belly as tight as possible.

Raise your hips until your body is straight, from your ankles to your shoulders. Hold this position for 30 seconds with your core tight. Roll onto your other side and repeat.

2. The Push-up Workout

This is a strenuous one, so keep your energy level up by starting with some pre-workout nutrition like that from Sportsfuel. Position your feet and hands on the floor, and body off the ground with hands slightly wider than your shoulders.

Lower your body with your arms bent, keeping your back straight. and continue until your chest is close to the floor. Maintain for at least one second then return to the starting position.

3. Ball Crunch Home Workouts for Women

Start with sitting on a large workout ball, then walking the legs forward to roll back on the ball. Place hands behind your head and keep backbone neutrally aligned. Breathe out as you crunch up, and inhale on release.

While doing this be sure to position your chin upward. The ball crunch is great for losing belly fat!

4. The Bodyweight Squat Workout

The squat is a great option for firm bums and thighs. Start by standing as tall as you can with feet slightly wider than shoulder width.

Hold your arms out straight in front of you at shoulder level, parallel to the floor. Keep torso upright and lower back slightly arched for the whole movement. Tighten abs and lower body as far as you can with your knees bent.

Pause, then return to starting position.

5. Hammer Curls or Bicep Curls

This weight training workout for arms can be done with weights or water jugs. Start with one in each hand, keeping your arms straight. Contract biceps and bring up the weights in a curling motion.

When your hands touch your arms, stop and maintain position for some time. Now, lower the weights again into starting position. Repeat.

Whether it’s to lose weight, tone up, or simply feel happier, there’s every reason to start on these home workouts for women today.

There’s also lots of ways to get you in the right mindset and you can check out our article on motivation to help you start. Get moving now!

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