5 Unique Photo Gifts Your Family Members Will Love

//5 Unique Photo Gifts Your Family Members Will Love
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If you look through your iPhone there are probably endless photos of your family.

So how can you use these photos to create meaningful gifts?

It’s one thing to have a digital photo album, but another to hold it in your hands turning the pages fondly.

There are so many great ways to add personal touches to your gifts. And nothing will make your loved ones feel more appreciated and acknowledged.

Easy-to-use websites make dsure you’ll find something that speaks directly to your loved ones.

Check out these 5 Unique Photos Gift ideas for your family.

1) A Baby is Born

Probably no other event in life is more precious than the birth of a child. It changes us all for the better and creates families.

There’s no doubt that the first years are filled with so many firsts and countless memories. Babies first steps, hospital photos, and newborn photo shoots all need to be memorialized.

Imagine gifting a photo frame that documents your child’s first year of life. There are even frames with spaces for keepsakes.

We all attend numerous baby showers for friends and family. If you are looking for something with big emotional impact, custom photo gifts will fit the bill.

Get a hold of the babies first Sonogram and create a Christmas ornament to cherish every holiday.

Come check out these essential baby gifts to make any expecting family joyful.

2) Phone Cases

Let’s face it, we look at our phones more than anything else. They are the center of the world these days.

So many people put either their partner’s or child’s photo on their home screen. However, the image is often covered by numerous Apps. Custom Envy creates completely customized phone cases.

Simply select the phone type, upload photos, customize with text, then ship. It’s a seamless process and can be a daily reminder of your loved ones.

DIY phone cases can be romantic, silly, or nostalgic. Best of all they have a case to fit every phone company. Even older style of iPhones that are no longer sold.

3) Locket of Love

Relationships are hard work, we all know that. Sometimes we lose sight of how and when we fell in love. There is no better way to remember those emotions than with precious photo gifts.

Gold lockets have long been a way of keeping our loved ones close to us.

Did you know the locket dates back to the 16th century?

Queen Elizabeth I of England wore a locket ring with a hand-painted portrait of herself and her mother.

Lockets were prized possessions in the Victorian Era. They were often worn with velvet ribbons, very stylish. This is a trend that is back in fashion.

A perfect gift for any women would be a locket with photos of her children inside. Keeping our loved ones close to our heart is both symbolic and nostalgic.

Print a photo of a first date, or first kiss location, and place it in a locket that suits your partner’s style. It’s the perfect photo gift for an anniversary.

They even make these keepsakes for men. Stylish rings, keyring lockets, and card cases make a great gift idea for the men in our life as well.

4) Sporting Ideas

Support your children’s sports teams with photo gifts that cheer them on.

Sports are a great way to build confidence in young children. Seeing their families in the stands gives them all the assurance they need to be successful. Get some buttons made with your child’s face on them. They will feel like a superstar athlete.

As well, at the end of the season, there are parties to celebrate a winning season. If you are in charge of team gifts think about creating custom t-shirts with a team photo. It will be a great memory for every child.

You can even print a large poster of your child with his/her favorite athlete. That image on their wall can be a great source of pride and powerful motivation to work hard.

Custom sports products are fun and encouraging. Wave your flags proudly and support your local teams.

Other great ideas include:

  • Banners
  • Bobble Heads
  • Car Flags
  • Magnets
  • Baseball cards

5) Family History

Every family has a story. Our ancestors, grandparents, parents, and everyone in between tell a tale. It’s so important that a family has an identity and sense of belonging to a greater community.

Sit down and hear the stories from older family members. Gather photos from their childhood and start to compile an album. There are even photo albums that allow for audio to be recorded.

A photo album is a great way to bring people together to reminisce. Many grandparents love to sit and look through photos of what they’ve worked so hard to create.

Even a calendar with family memories helps us all to remember on a daily basis. A different month to remember a different cherished event or story. It can be a gift that keeps giving for an entire year.

Also, travel memories are important and some of our most impactful moments. Traveling opens people up to the world and broadens their perspective.

After every trip, our cameras are full of photos with no place to go. How about a gorgeous throw pillow with your most prized photo of Florence, Italy?

You can even create a blanket with that perfect image of your favorite lazy Parisian afternoon.

Family First

A personalized gift makes people feel special. It says that you took the time and effort to create something only for them.

Photo gifts are so easy now to create, and the options are literally endless. On your next major celebration take our advice and gift something special and timeless.

We are all about encouraging women to live their best life. Having a career and a loving home are both possible.

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