5 Essentials You Should Know Before Buying Your New Mattress

//5 Essentials You Should Know Before Buying Your New Mattress
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So, you’re looking for ways to sleep better at night so you can feel less tired during the day. You’ve already made some health changes, and you’re getting in bed earlier, but you haven’t had the results you’ve expected so far.

If this sounds like you, odds are your mattress is the problem. That means that finding the right mattress is essential if you want to get a good night’s rest going forward.

Thankfully, picking out a new mattress isn’t as hard as you may think. As long as you know what to look for, and what not to look for, you should be able to find the perfect mattress for you rather easily!

In this article, we’ll break down 5 tips for buying a new mattress. That way you can sleep easy at night for years to come!

Now then, let’s get started!

1. Choose the Right Mattress Material

If you haven’t purchased a mattress in a few years, you’re most likely going to be overwhelmed by all of the options available to you today. More specifically, you may have a hard time figuring out which mattress material is right for you, as there are tons of choices to choose from.

A pro tip? Keep things simple unless you have a particular need to address. 

For instance, if you have back issues, picking up a firmer mattress is a good idea. And if allergies are a problem for you, a hypoallergenic mattress should be at the top of your priority list.

2. Look at the Size of Your Room

If there’s one thing that you don’t want to do, it’s buying a bed (and a mattress) that’s too big for your room. 

Sure, this is only a cosmetic issue. But that cramped feeling in your bedroom can affect your quality of sleep.

So, keep mattress sizes in mind when shopping and avoid taking up your entire room with a massive California kingsize bed. That way you can move around and feel comfortable in your sleep space. 

3. Try Before You Buy at Stores

There are tons of great deals on mattresses online. But if you don’t try before you buy, you can end up with a mattress you don’t sleep well on, which won’t help you not feel tired all the time. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to visit a few mattress stores in person so you can feel mattresses before you buy them. Even if you plan on making an online purchase, feeling your mattress yourself in a store is a great idea that can save you a ton of hassle down the line. 

Also, you may end up getting a better deal in a store when it’s all said and done, as shipping and handling costs can be quite costly with online purchases. 

4. Read Real Online Reviews

People tend to be brutally honest on the internet, meaning that product reviews are a pretty accurate representation of a product, more often than not.

So, before you pick up a new mattress, check out the online reviews beforehand. Try a few different sites, too, so you can get opinions from multiple platforms.

5. Purchase an Extended Warranty

Last but not least, it’s a good idea to purchase an extended warranty for your new mattress. You’re always one accident away from needing it, making it more than worth the extra costs.

Also, regardless of where you buy your mattress, make sure they have a fair return policy. Anything less than 30 days should be a huge red flag that deters you from purchasing from that particular outlet.

Finding the Right Mattress for You: A Guide

Well, there you have it! Finding the right mattress for you and your needs doesn’t have to be a hassle. As long as you keep these ideas in mind when shopping for a new mattress, you should be happy with your purchase for years to come!

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