5 Fantastic & Fun Things to Do Online During the Coronavirus Pandemic

//5 Fantastic & Fun Things to Do Online During the Coronavirus Pandemic
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At the end of April 2020, there have been over 3,000,000 (and counting) confirmed coronavirus cases, and parts of the world are still being locked down. 

If you’re still part of the people who are in lockdown, you may be going insane and have run out of things to keep yourself busy. 

Are you wondering what to do now? Check out our list of fun things to do online to keep occupied!

1. Take Virtual Tours

With everything being closed down, many places are offering virtual tours since no one can actually go there. 

Many museums are open right now so that you can watch videos or click through an interactive experience to see all of the exhibits. 

Some theaters and opera houses are also open for virtual tours, like Carnegie Hall in New York. 

2. Play Online Games

There are also many games that you can play online. 

With nothing else to do, this is the best time to play video games. If you’ve played through all of your video games, there are some free online games that you can try. 

There are all kinds of games you can find for your computer, but you can also find some free ones for PS4, Xbox, and the Switch. 

Bingo Scanner is always a fun game that you can play. CS:GO Counterstrike is also a free first-person shooter game that is available on Steam.

Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Star Wars: The Old Republic are also free games.  

3. Take Some Online Classes

If you want to do something productive with this time off, you can take some free online courses. 

There are plenty of classes that you can take at Harvard University. There are a bunch of different classes across all kinds of subjects. 

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia also made a series called “Studio from Home.” They release each Sunday, and you can learn some art history while also learning some basic art skills.  

4. Listen to Free Music

To fill up some of the silence, you can listen to some free music online. 

With concerts and public events being canceled, you may be needing your fill of music. There have been some artists that have been posting live stream concerts that you can find.

However, there are lots of podcasts and streamable music as well to fill that empty hole.

For example, Sirius XM is free until the middle of May. Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon music also have free options with all kinds of genres of music.  

5. Have a Virtual Happy Hour

While we’re all social distancing, you may end up missing your friends and family.

A great way to connect with them is to use free programs like Zoom and Google Hangouts to connect and share a distant drink together.  

Discover More Things to Do Online

These are only a few things to do online to help you occupy your time during this pandemic lockdown.

Make sure that you stay safe, wear a mask, stay six feet apart, and socially distance!

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