4 Beauty Spa Treatments Worth Paying For

//4 Beauty Spa Treatments Worth Paying For
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In the age of Pinterest and Instagram, DIY beauty treatments are more popular than ever before.

There are some things that are totally worth doing yourself. Homemade lotion with coconut oil beats a lot of store brands! However, this doesn’t mean that beauty spa treatments have no place in your life.

Instead, you just need to pick which ones are worth the money – because there are some things you can’t do at home.

We’ve put together this list of four top beauty spa treatments every woman should try. Read on to find out why these are can’t-miss splurges.

1. Beauty Spa Facial

There are plenty of good face masks you can buy at the store or make at home. However, a spa facial still does a lot of things that your at-home face mask can’t.

It’s best to get more intense facial treatments, like glycolic peels, at the spa than to try to do them at home, since there’s more risk for skin irritation and damage. Spa staff can help you determine which type of facial is best for your skin, so you don’t waste time and money experimenting with different products.

You might want to use traditional clay masks at home, but for an occasional, more intense treatment, be sure to hit the spa to get the personalized pampering your skin needs.

2. Laser Hair Removal

It’s amazing that there are over-the-counter hair removal tools you can buy. However, this is a procedure that’s still best left to the professionals.

First of all, this kind of hair removal only works on certain kinds of hair. Going to a spa will help make sure you don’t waste time and money on an at-home treatment that won’t work.

And, of course, using lasers on your skin has the potential for danger. This is a treatment that’s worth the cost of a spa treatment. The experience will be easier on you, and you won’t put yourself at risk for skin damage.

3. Botox and Fillers

There is absolutely no at-home replacement for Botox and fillers. These are incredible, modern ways to relax the face where needed and fill in spaces where volume has been lost.

A good spa service like Canova Medical botox will offer professional, medical treatment that beats anything a topical treatment can do. For those stubborn areas, like under-eye circles and forehead lines, make sure to shell out for spa services.

4. Microdermabrasion

Everyone who’s into skincare knows that exfoliation is an important part of keeping your skin glowing and healthy.

Chances are, you already have some sort of exfoliation routine that you do at home. However, an occasional microdermabrasion treatment at a beauty spa will take it to the next level, giving you results you can’t get at home.

If you struggle with issues from rough skin to acne scars, this could be the treatment that gives you the results you aren’t getting from traditional exfoliators.

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Your skin is yours for life, so don’t skimp on taking care of it.

There are many great things you can do for your skin on your own. But when it comes to treatments that are precise, intense, or potentially risky if done wrong, you should never try these at home.

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