Why You Need Professional Business Headshots on Social Media

//Why You Need Professional Business Headshots on Social Media
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Social media is one of the most powerful tools available to make connections in today’s business world.

Using the right handles and hashtags can get you in contact with your industry’s top thought leaders and potential employers. However, there is one key element to make sure you have in order to be taken seriously — a professional headshot.

Business headshots are a must for anyone from a freelancing creative to a well-known CEO or investor.

A good profile picture is equivalent to a strong handshake or the perfect office outfit, and sometimes even more important.

Here are three reasons to use a professional headshot on your social media.

1. You Are a Brand

It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur or a recent graduate entering the job market, understand you are a brand.

Your brand is the total package of who you are.

It encompasses your previous work experience and certifications, as well as your reputation and professionalism. In the job market, this looks like a resume, references, and a headshot.

The resume and references boost your credibility, while a business headshot represents your personal logo.

2. Business Headshots Are Your First Impression

A strong logo stands out in someone’s memory. It speaks to the personality of a brand and often has a unique touch.

Your business headshots should stand out for the right reasons, otherwise, you risk leaving a bad first impression.

Remember, negative impressions are harder to erase than positive. Put your best professional foot forward and look at the doors a strong headshot can open for you.

Use a photo with high resolution, as in one taken on something better than your smartphone. Choose a background with not much going on, or even better, a solid color.

Wear professional clothing, like a sharp blazer or at least an ironed button-down. Make sure your personal features like hair and makeup are looking their best, too.

The combined use of these tactics can be what makes you stand out as other professionals are scrolling their feeds.

3. Work for Where You Want to Be

Well-done business headshots identify you as someone to notice, no matter what your experience level is. This is because the right photographer can capture the potential within you, so take the time to hire a professional service.

Businesses like Alan Howard headshots are the secret tool to looking like a strong candidate for hire and nothing less.

A photographer will know exactly how to frame the photo and can offer suggestions as you shoot.

Plus, setting up a shoot gives you more headshots to choose from.

Although it is recommended to keep your professional profile picture consistent across your social media, these options are good to have for when you need something new.

At the end of the day, a headshot shows your personality and your work ethic.

It speaks volumes about the professional you are, without you even having to say hello. This can help open doors to get from where your career is right now to where you want it to be.

Upgrade Your Style

Ready to schedule your first professional headshot photo shoot?

First, check out these five ideas to brighten up your business clothing.

The perfect photo outfit could be waiting for you on this list!

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