What’s the Right Thermostat Temperature for Home Comfort?

//What’s the Right Thermostat Temperature for Home Comfort?
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As temperatures rise, so can tempers. You can almost predict to the degree when people begin getting snippy with each other.

That’s why it is so important to start taking proactive measures before the summer. You can do that by improving how your thermostat regulates your home’s climate.

Follow our guide to achieve a perfect balance. Achieve cost-saving measures and comfortable conditions for your home.

Thermostat Temperature Guidelines

According to Energy Star, you should try to maintain 78 degrees Fahrenheit (F) for your AC, when you’re at home, and 70 degrees F for your heater.

If you feel like you need to adjust these temps, then try to use your thermostat temperature’s ‘temporary’ function. This keeps things comfortable, while preventing large fluctuations in temperature.

Avoiding the temperature tug-of-war is the biggest step towards energy efficiency. Having the ability to set your thermostat temperature to either “off” or ten degrees hotter while you’re out of the house is huge.

Even if you can’t hit these exact guidelines, you’ll still be saving, Every degree raised equals a three percent reduction on your bill.

Increasing Efficiency

To get an even greater bang for your buck, you’ll need to learn how to take advantage of your environment. This means using fans, windows, and smart technology.

If you live in a temperate climate, you should be using those moments of reprieve during the night by opening up your windows. Let that cool breeze keep temperatures regulated.

When the hot sun beats down during the day, draw the blinds or curtains and use box fans to maximize airflow in the house.

Having a thermostat with remote sensor can really make this process effortless, as you can use it to turn on the AC half an hour before you arrive.

There are many programmable thermostats out there, just make sure you get one that is Energy Star energy-saving rated and easy to use.

Other often overlooked when we’re in a rush, AC filters play a big role in efficiency. When those filters get dusty, the air flow suffers.

When your AC has to work harder, it takes longer to heat or cool the house.

And The Living is Easy

Buy a modern thermostat, a HEPA-certified and MERV-8 AC filter, at least. Then, relax instead of fussing with the AC on your personal day off.

We all have different lifestyles, habits, and routines that we like, so our thermostat temperature may vary. As long as you are taking the necessary measures to mitigate lost energy, you’ll see the difference in your bill and attitude.

For more information on living life easier, take a look at our lifestyle section for more inspirational and helpful tips.

Live life careful, but also care-free!

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