3 Kitchen Space Savers to Give You More Room to Cook

//3 Kitchen Space Savers to Give You More Room to Cook
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If your always busy in the kitchen, you may feel like your space is cluttered and cramped.

If you’re looking for ways to organize your kitchen so that you can save space, we’re here to help with kitchen space savers that can save you from all the mess and hassle. 

Start cooking stress-free with these helpful space savers you can add to your kitchen today! 

1. Save Space and Stack

If you’re running low on kitchen storage space, it’s time to think outside the cupboards, and start stacking! Pick your favorite, trendy dishware, and stylishly stack it on an open shelf in the kitchen.

You can do this with plates, bowls and serving trays, whatever your style and kitchen decor may be. If your kitchen is clean, sleek and modern, stack matching sets, such as all-white ceramics for a polished look. For a more eclectic, farmhouse feel, try stacking mismatched printed or colored bowls and plates for a fun display. 

You can use the stacking method inside your cupboards to save space as well. Try this with your cookware!

Sometimes, pots and pans can get messy when trying to stack them due to their varying, large size. Consider getting a pan stacker, which fits inside your cupboard, building slim shelves for your pans. This can also prolong the life of your cookware, as you can avoid the scratching that comes with stacking. 

2. Sanitation Station

Sometimes handwashing dishes can turn a clean kitchen into a cluttered one. Instead of wasting counter space by drying your dishes on towels, try installing an over the sink drying rack, which can save space by keeping your counters clear.

A stainless steel option works best to avoid rust, and we prefer ones with compartments for different dish types, as well as washing tools. Creating a single space where the dishwashing can be done will make this chore go more smoothly than ever before. 

3. Utilize Wall and Ceiling Space 

A great way to think outside of the box and reduce cabinet clutter is by utilizing your kitchen walls and ceiling. Consider hanging hooks on your walls or ceiling for pots and pans. This allows for easy drying, and accessibility when you’re busy in the kitchen, and it also gives your kitchen a trendy, modern edge. 

If you’re also low on drawer space, you can even hang your knives and utensils on the wall using a magnetic knife holder. Install this right above your chopping station for an easy reach. 

Are you moving to a house and dreading the first-week kitchen clutter that inevitably happens? If so, there are tons of ways to make sure you’re packing your kitchenware up properly. Read more here to make sure you’re a packing pro. 

Kitchen Space Savers for a More Organized and Open Kitchen 

If you are frustrated by a stuffy and cluttered kitchen, try some of these kitchen space savers today! Not only are these ideas practical, but they are also super trendy, setting you and your kitchen up for five-star quality. 

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