Your Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Move

//Your Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Move
  • Planning a Move

Each year, about 35.5 million people have moved somewhere new.

If you’re going to be one of the millions of people also moving, you should start planning a move today!

But what does that even entail? It may seem overwhelming at first, but keep reading, and we’ll help break it down into easy steps to make sure you have a good move!

Stay Organized

When you start packing and moving everything, things can tend to get disorganized very quickly. That’s why it’s important to get organized before you do all of that. 

You should create a binder or a folder to keep track of everything from scheduling movers, what day you get the keys to the new place, packing, and even more!

This is also a great place to keep checklists and to-dos to make sure nothing gets left behind or forgotten. You can keep contracts in there, documents like your old and new lease, any personal documents you don’t want to lose, and any financial documents.

This way you won’t have to go through hundreds of boxes trying to figure out where it was packed. 

Get Packing Supplies

Moving can be expensive, especially with all the fees, cost of movers, and everything else. The last thing you should worry about paying for is packing supplies.

Normally, you can find free boxes online from other people who have recently just moved as well. If none are available, you can also call your local stores to see if they have any boxes they’d be willing to give you. If that doesn’t work, you can check your local U-Haul store to see if they have any leftovers. 

As for packing paper and tape, you can also see if anyone has any leftovers they’re not going to use. You should also save all of the junk mail that you get in your mailbox. This is free and works just as great as any packing paper you could buy!

Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Use

One thing that will make your move significantly easier is to get rid of anything that you aren’t using. 

You should go through every room in your house and get rid of or donate anything that you don’t use. Donating it makes sure that it doesn’t end up in a landfill, but it also saves you the hassle of having to move it.

If you’re trying to save some money on costs, you can also try and sell some of your nicer items on Facebook Marketplace too!

Decide If You Want Movers

Some people like to move on their own, but if you have a lot of stuff, including heavy furniture, you should consider hiring movers.  There are a lot of expenses to factor into a quote you might get, so this might help you figure out what to purge or not. 

If you’re moving because of your employer, you can also check your policies to see if your job will pay for any of the move. If this is the case, make sure you hang onto any receipts and documents.

Movers need as much time to plan as possible, so once you decide to hire them, make sure you book a company as soon as possible. 

Ask For Help

If you don’t hire movers, you could always call on your friends and family to help you move in. Even if you do hire movers, having a friend or family member to help you pack can also really alleviate some stress. 

Make sure that you let them know what you need them to do and give them a clear job. If you don’t, they’ll just be standing around and cause more work for you than help.

After they’ve helped, make sure you thank them or buy them food or refreshments while they’re helping. 

Pack in a Certain Order

When you start packing before the movers come, make sure you pack it in stages.

It can be tempting to take things from every room and try to fit it in a box, but this will just be chaotic when you try and unpack in your new house.

Start by packing anything you don’t use or need. The last things you should pack should be things you’ll need right when you move in. 

Another tip to help you stay organized is to assign each room a color of duct tape and tape it onto that room’s boxes. It’s an easy way for movers to know where they should put it and for you to figure out what’s in it.

Get Your New Place Ready

Lastly, make sure that you get your new place ready for all of your new belongings. Some places need some cleaning, painting, or fixing up before you can move all of your stuff in there.

Take time to get all of this done one or two days before the big move so that you’re not trying to clean as movers are tracking dirt into your home. 

Learn More About Planning a Move

These are only a few key steps to think about when planning a move, but they will really help to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

We know that it can be stressful, especially if you’re doing it on your own. Thankfully, we’re here to make sure you don’t have to!

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