Worth Every Shot: 5 Innovative Treatments for Infertility in Women

//Worth Every Shot: 5 Innovative Treatments for Infertility in Women
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Infertility can inflict stress on individuals and couples who are trying to get pregnant. It can be an exhausting journey that can take a considerable toll on your life. Many individuals even experience intense emotions like embarrassment, shame, or hopelessness.

But there is a solution to almost every issue. 1 in 8 couples have trouble sustaining pregnancy or getting pregnant in the first place.

It doesn’t have to take as long or be as stressful as you think when trying to conceive. Here are 5 treatments for infertility that could help you conceive.

1. Blastocyst Treatment with PBMC’s

It used to be that during IVF treatment, embryos were transferred into the womb at 3 days. However, most clinicians now say that transferring better and longer-developed embryos increases the chance of pregnancy.

What makes the treatment even more successful is the use of PBMC infusions beforehand. PBMC’s are cells from a patient’s own blood. When they’re incubated with HGC (a naturally occurring hormone produced by the placenta) for two days and then infused into the uterus a couple of days before a blastocyst treatment, studies show they also increase the chance of pregnancy.

If you decide to use PBMC’s, make sure you buy PBMC’s of the highest quality.

2. 3-Parent Embryos

3-Parent embryos uses a new technique that uses DNA from 3 people to make a baby.

In April of 2016, the first baby was born using DNA from two women and one man. In addition to helping with infertility, the new technique can help avoid certain genetic diseases that can result in fatalities.

In this particular case, the child was created using MOST of the DNA from one mother, and a smaller amount from the other woman.

3. Drugs and Injections

Drugs and injections are of the most common fertility treatments for women. There are many different fertility solutions within this one sector because there are so many different types of drugs and injections that pertain to a variety of infertility reasons.

Drugs used are constantly being improvised and improved for better efficiency.

4. Giving Immature Eggs a Push

In-vitro Maturation (IVM) is a newer method of fertilization where eggs are removed from a woman BEFORE they reach maturation on their own.

After they are collected, the eggs are matured outside of the female and are injected with hormones in the process. Then the mature eggs are manually fertilized with the sperm. Lastly, after the embryos are given some time to develop, they are implanted inside a woman’s womb with intentions for the pregnancy to continue.

5. Womb Transplant

A womb transplant is literally a womb transplant from one woman to the other. While it can be a difficult procedure, it has been done successfully. There have been patients who have gone to carry out a pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby after a womb transplant.

Stay Healthy and Happy

While it may not sound scientific, maintaining a healthy, happy, lifestyle can produce a world of benefits for trying to tackle issues with fertility. There are many ways that a healthy diet can not only keep your body working for you, but help keep you happier in the process.

There Are Many Treatments for Infertility

At the end of the day, dealing with infertility is something that only those who have been through the same thing could begin to understand.

However, we live in the age of technology, determination, and there are many treatments for infertility.

If you need to cut back on other medical costs in order to make room for fertility treatments, check out ways to save your life and your wallet.

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