Leather or Suede Boots? How to Choose the Right Boot for the Event

//Leather or Suede Boots? How to Choose the Right Boot for the Event
  • Leather or Suede Boots

It’s Monday morning, you’re running late for work and looking at your closet seems overwhelming. After you find the perfect outfit, the part you dread isn’t far behind…finding the right pair of shoes.

Two pairs of boots stand out, but now the question remains leather or suede? If you’re being honest, you don’t even know the difference. You’ve always chosen the one that looked best with your outfit without considering the pros and cons of each.

What if you were armed with all the knowledge in the world to make an informed decision so next you stand in front of your leather and suede boots you won’t be intimidated? 

Consider Your Style

One thing you might not think about often is the kind of message your shoes send to the people around you, especially in the workplace. Not the first thing on your mind? You aren’t alone.

A leather boot is a great choice for the business professional who consistently finds themselves wearing suits or business formal to work on a regular basis. It makes a strong, but a formal statement.

Suede, on the other hand, is a good alternative if your style is on the more casual side. It pairs well with jeans or can be a great way to dress an outfit down. There are also many ways you can wear suede shoes that will help you decide when you want to incorporate it into your outfit.

While leather might take some time to break in and form to your food shape, suede is often made with a comfortable lining and insole. Both types of materials serve a different purpose, but all together contribute to a stylish outfit.

Consider the Weather

Both suede and leather don’t come prepped for bad weather. As the owner of either of these materials, you’ll need to be thoughtful when getting them ready to deal with rain or snow.

Since leather is made from animal skin, it needs to be treated carefully in order to prevent it from drying out and cracking. While it isn’t the ideal material for rough weather, it fairs much better than suede. Although it’s lower maintenance, you’ll be investing a pretty penny in a pair of true leather boots. 

Suede doesn’t handle harsh conditions well. Unfortunately, there isn’t protection or moisturizer for suede, making it difficult to wear if there’s any kind of moisture in the air.

Consider Protection

There are plenty of protectants on the market that help your leather boots live their best and longest life. 

While there are some leathers that are pretreated with a protectant, a spray or conditioner is an affordable way to keep your boots in tip-top shape. Treating them with these protectants should be done every few weeks to make sure they’re moisturized as well as protected from the elements.

If your leather shoes do get wet, try to wipe them down as soon as possible in order to minimize damage. You can also put paper towels or newspaper inside leather shoes should they get wet. This will help them retain their shape. You should then immediately apply a moisturizer to keep them hydrated.

Suede is a bit more difficult to protect as this material is made from inner parts of the animal skin, which, while more affordable than leather, make them less sure to stand the test of time. There are still options to protect your suede boots, but these shouldn’t be used as often or as much as leather protectants as it will damage the softness and color of suede.

Consider Your Budget

There are many things to consider when deciding between a suede and leather shoe, one important thing is what your budget looks like. There is a price difference between the two materials, which might help you make your decision if you’re having a difficult time.

You will find that leather shoes run more expensive than suede shoes. This is due mainly to their durability. As you’ve seen, leather does require more upkeep but is able to keep its quality throughout most conditions if it’s well cared for. It also gives you the option to dress up an outfit if you find yourself wearing pantsuits, dresses, or skirts often.

Suede isn’t as durable as leather, but it’s a great budget-friendly option that allows you to make any outfit as casual as you like. While you will have to think twice about the weather when you decide to wear suede, if you live in a place that doesn’t have much precipitation, suede is a great choice for you. It’s also perfect for an office environment that isn’t as formal.

If you’re looking to expand your boot collection, there are numerous websites that offer a variety of options. It also allows you to experiment with your own style and what you enjoy in a shoe.

While you’re experimenting with your look and finding a style you love, utilize a boots discount code that will help save you not only save money but discover your signature look.

Boots for Everyone

Shoes are like opinions, there are a lot of them and it’s often overwhelming. If you’re like the millions of women who find themselves standing in front of a closet full of shoes unable to choose which boots to wear for your day, you aren’t alone.

Lucky for you, there’s no wrong choice. There are benefits to wearing both leather and suede. One offers durability and shouts business formal while the other offers comfort and creates a casual look. When you walk into your closet, instead of feeling bombarded with the decision of which boot will make your outfit perfect, look at it as a wall of possibilities.

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