Window Reviews: A List of the Best Replacement Windows and Brands

//Window Reviews: A List of the Best Replacement Windows and Brands
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You love your home! There are so many family memories in each room. But, your house needs maintenance from time to time to keep it in top shape!

Windows are an important part of your home, but they don’t last forever. Studies show that, if you take care of your windows, they can last about 20 years before you need to replace them.
If you notice warping or cracked glass, it is time to replace that window.

But, how do you choose the right replacement window?

We scoured the available options and read countless window reviews to decide which replacement windows are the best around. so, if you are in the market for some new windows, keep reading for an ultimate list of the best replacement window options on the market right now.

Most Popular Vinyl Window Options

Many homeowners like to have vinyl windows because they are super easy to maintain. Some would even say that they are maintenance-free!

No need to paint these kinds of windows because the vinyl comes in a variety of colors. Vinyl windows also resist rot and cracking, so they last a very long time!

These are some of the best vinyl brands out there:

Pella Windows

Pella makes a few lines of windows so you can choose the right vinyl windows for your home and your budget. The 350 series is the most durable (but most expensive) and the 250 series is the most energy-efficient.

If those are still too expensive, Pella also makes a line called Encompass which are the most inexpensive windows they make. There are fewer size options in this line, so you may need to compromise on size if you have your heart set on the Encompass line.

Milgard Windows

Milgard makes 3 different lines of vinyl windows for you to choose from.

They designed the Montecito Series for building new structures so they will not work as a replacement window option. The Style Line series has an elevated style meant to give your home a modern and sophisticated look. For a more custom look, try the Tuscany window series.

NT Window

This company offers many different lines of vinyl windows to choose from. Be aware that some lines, like the Construction Pro series, are often used for new construction projects while the Executive series lends itself to replacement projects. The Presidential series is the best of both worlds because you can use them for replacement windows as well as a new building project! 

Best Wooded Window Reviews

If you love a traditional look for your home, wooden windows are your best bet! They come in a wide variety of options including different sizes and types of wood. You can also add cladding to the exterior of the window for extra protection from the elements.

Our favorite wooden window brands include:

Jeld-Wen Windows

This company makes their most popular window frames from a special kind of treated pine wood. They call it AuraLast® Wood and it resists rot, termites, and even water damage!

If pine is not your favorite, Jeld-Wen also offers windows made with douglas fir or Alder.

Kolbe Windows

Though they only offer 2 wood-clad lines, both have aluminum on the exterior for durability and wooden interior for style. The Ultra series looks more traditional while the VistaLuxe Collection features more narrow profiles and sleek, modern lines.

Top Aluminum Windows

If durability is your main focus, you want to look at aluminum clad windows. They are less prone to scratches and weathering, but they do dent if you aren’t careful.

The only downside to these sleek, modern windows is that they are not as energy-efficient as the wood or vinyl options. You should double-check that your aluminum windows meet your local energy efficiency codes.

The best aluminum window brands are:

Don Young Windows

Don Young makes their aluminum windows in a special way that helps increase their energy efficiency. They extrude the metal in several phases so the inside and outside metal sit apart from each other. Not only do these windows have a higher energy rating, but they also resist condensation if you live in a more humid climate.

Milgard Windows

Back for a second time on our list is Milgard windows!

Milgard also uses a Thermal Break production method to increase the energy efficiency of their aluminum windows. Since we already know that Milgard is an excellent window manufacturer, you can rest assured that these windows will last!

What About Custom Windows?

Some windows have a unique shape or come in abnormal sizes. Custom windows are like art installations in your home, but they are a pain when it’s time to replace them.

People with custom windows (or who want to replace their old, traditional windows with brand new, custom windows) should contact their local window specialists to learn more about the money and time needed to install custom windows.

Much of the process is the same, but there are a few differences between the installation of a custom window and the installation of a typical window.

Open Your Window of Opportunity

The windows you choose affect the general look of your home. Be sure to look at all the options before making a final decision.

Look for the most recent window reviews you can find. If production standards have changed for a particular manufacturer, older reviews might not hold true for the new model.

We hope this article has helped jumpstart your quest to find the best replacement windows for your home. If you need more advice, or if you are looking to remodel more of your home, check out the rest of our blog posts today!

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