What is Juuling and is it Better Thank Smoking for Your Health?

//What is Juuling and is it Better Thank Smoking for Your Health?
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It’s the new, coolest method of e-cigarettes, and it’s entrancing smokers across America.

It’s called juuling.

But what is juuling and what are its repercussions? Should vapists beware? We’ll cover it all here to help you on your journey to a healthier life.

What Is Juuling?

Juuling is a new trend sweeping across the US.

You’ve probably seen people doing it in restaurants, on the street or even at work. It’s a fancy term for vaping or using e-cigarettes. The phrase is derived from a company that creates e-cigarettes that look like USB drives.

A vape is often considered the “lesser of two evils” in the smoking world, and many cannabis users have turned to juuling for medicinal benefits.

When a vape is used, an atomizer heats the e-liquid inside to a boiling point, creating vapor. The vapor is inhaled.

New Trends

E-cigarettes captured consumers’ attention and quickly became a fad. Some past cigarette smokers even claim it helps them stay away from “the death sticks.”

Unfortunately, the quirky and tasty flavors have caught the eye of teenagers. Across the nation, schools have been scrambling to implement policies banning the devices from the grounds. However, because of their discreet appearance and ability to be recharged in a computer port, it’s difficult to discourage use.

However, it’s not just teens caught in the craze; in 2015, approximately 9 million Americans vaped on a regular basis. With the legalization of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes, more patients are also turning to this form of relief.

Is It Dangerous?

The simple answer is that it’s complicated.

For past cigarette smokers, it may provide a “better” alternative to cigarettes. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Questionable Contents

The FDA does not regulate vapes. Thus, warning labels and clear indications of what a user is inhaling or what is in the vape itself are not included on most products. Some studies have found formaldehyde and antifreeze ingredients in e-cigarettes.

You don’t really know what you’re inhaling.

Addictive and Possibly Cancer-Causing

Juuling still utilizes tobacco. A typical pod (200 puffs) contains about the same amount of nicotine found in a pack of cigarettes. So while you may not be getting quite as many carcinogens, you’re still inhaling the addictive chemicals found in nicotine and much of the other bad stuff with it.

Lung Disease, Popcorn Lung, and Diabetes

Just like with nicotine, lung disease and diabetes may result from continued use. In one study conducted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, researchers discovered three main ingredients known to cause popcorn lung, a respiratory disorder.

And Yet . . .

Because juuling is still somewhat new, few long-term studies have been conducted on the process. Knowing the health repercussions users may face down the line is next to impossible.

Furthermore, experts debate the validity of many studies and point out that, for some, juuling could be the way to squash cigarette use entirely. Users can enjoy fun flavors like those offered by Vape In The Box or use it with cannabis oil for medicinal purposes.

So, really, no one’s quite sure. It depends how it’s used and what, exactly, manufacturers are putting in the vape and the pods they produce.

Personal Preference

“What is juuling?” is a question lurking in the corners of schools and offices, and now it’s one you can answer. But its side effects are largely up for debate.

It really comes down to personal preference right now, but one thing is clear: while juuling may not be as bad as smoking cigarettes, it’s far from healthy.

Or is it?

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