Warm Weather Styles: The Ultimate 2018 Summer Fashion Guide

//Warm Weather Styles: The Ultimate 2018 Summer Fashion Guide
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Who doesn’t love summer fashion? Even though we’re searching for the least amount of material in an effort to stay cool, that doesn’t mean that material can’t be full of fun and funk.

This summer, it’s all about the quirky prints and the stylish shoes. Toss a nice woven back over your shoulder while you don a cool pair of summer shades and you’re all set!

Let’s get to it ladies! There’s a lot to be said about fashion in these hot times.

1. Cherry Prints

Cherry print frocks are no longer for those retro chick rockin’ a 50s vibe. Cherry prints are for everyone in these warmer temperatures.

Whether you don these forbidden fruits with a loose-fitting tank or an A-line dress, know you’ll be fashionably on-point and cute to boot!

2. Matching Two-Pieces

No, we’re not talking about your favorite bikini. We’re talking about the kind of things you can wear out on the street. We’re talking about crop tops and skirts, bralettes and culottes.

You work hard for those abs. Why not give the boys a little taste of your subtle beauty? Plus, that added bit of exposed skin will keep you feeling just a little bit more refreshed.

3. Slide into Summer Fashion Trends

That’s right, ladies. The slide is back. We’re talking about a flat, endlessly comfortable sandal that you can wear with that cherry-print a-line beauty and that cute crop top.

Slides come in all shades of the rainbow, as well as every print imaginable. So, have fun with these. Go for a bright red slide to match your cherries. Go for the gold to sparkle under the sun.

4. The Panama Hat

While we’re accessorizing our cherry prints and two-pieces, let’s talk hats. Your classic wide-brim beauty will never go out of style. And, indeed, they’re in full swing this summer season.

But don’t forget about the Panama hat, either. These guys boast a wide brim and, usually, a fun little tie in the back.

But, if you want to take things down a notch, the newsboy is back in summer fashion. Feel free to explore the newsboy with a little nautical theme. Tuck your beach waves in and set sail into your hottest summer fashion yet.

5. The Woven Handbag

If you had any doubt, set it aside. Although a nice, woven handbag is a typical summer staple, it’s hot on the press this summer. Feel free to go on the hunt for a nice, woven, summery, oversized tote.

You’ll find them everywhere, from JCrew to Miu Miu. It all depends on how much of that paycheck you want to fork over.

The good news is, we’re likely to be writing about the woven bag next summer, too, so feel free to dive deep into those waters!

6. Give the Cold Shoulder

The cold shoulder was hot and heavy in spring fashion, and it’s sticking all throughout the summer.

They say a woman’s shoulders are her finest features. They’re beautiful and sun-kissed when we’re young; they never betray our age when we’re older.

So, as you scroll through your favorite boutiques online, feel free to pop a couple cold shoulders into your online shopping bag. You’ll be the belle of the ball and right on point with some hot summer styles.

7. Jelly Shoes

Back to the shoe department. If you pop on a cold shoulder and a nice pair of shorts, there’s only one thing left to consider. Your pedicured feet.

Have you ever looked down at your little niece and admired her jelly shoes? Have you ever thought, “Dang, I wish I could rock a pair of gold sparkle jelly shoes!”

Well, you can! Jelly shoes are everywhere this summer. They’re not only cute and playful, they’re comfortable!

Go wild with a hot pink pair or that gold sparkle you’ve secretly been envying. There’s no doubt this is the summer to have some fun. Read more about the jellies favorite friend, a classic pair of shorts.

8. Seventies Skirts

While we’re throwing it back, let’s throw it all the way back to the seventies. Becuase, this summer, we’re able to have some fun with skirts that flash a seventies vibe.

So, if you see any out there on the racks that boast a high-waist and a button front, scoop it up. Pair that baby with a simple white tee and those sparkling jellies and get ready to run that rooftop happy hour!

9. Tie-Up Sandals

Had enough of the jelly talk? Alright. We think they’re super cute. But, they’re not for everyone. Which leaves us with the slide. They’re comfortable and cool, but are you looking for a little more edge?

Then all you have to do is type in tie-up sandals into your favorite online shop and let the goodness come to you. We’re a fan of the flat version, with a very thin, demure lace.

It’s up to you, how high you want to go. Generally, if they sit just below your knee, you’re right on point.

A simple canvas color will pair with absolutely everything in your wardrobe. But, if you want to funk it up just a bit, a shimmery gold pair will also do the trick and pair well with several of your favorite pieces.

10. The Choker

We’ve been a fan of layering necklaces for a long, long time now. From your decolletage to your belly button, layering is fun. This summer, however, feel free to hit the pause button and enter into choker territory.

But, not just any choker. The way to do this is to find a nice sterling silver choker with a little dangle detail. Perhaps some heavy stones will drop down from the metal choker, to rest beautifully above your cold shoulder top.

Rule Summer Fashion

Really, you only need a few staple pieces to rule summer fashion this year. Scoop up a couple cherry prints, don a couple cold shoulders, get funky with your feet, and dance the night away! Here’s to your best memories yet.

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