What Are the Best Pool Liners You Can Pick? A Full Buyer’s Guide

//What Are the Best Pool Liners You Can Pick? A Full Buyer’s Guide
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You have worked hard and earned the right to place a pool in your backyard to enjoy during the sizzling summers.

Now, it is time to pick out the best pool liner. These vinyl sheets will protect your pool and retain the water.

If you are just starting to look or have been looking for a while, this guide can help you make an educated decision.

Colors and Textures

The pool liner color and texture won’t affect the functionality, but there are other reasons to be picky.

  • A dark-colored pool liner will retain heat and keep the water warmer.
  • Certain colors and patterns can strain your eyes.
  • Some colors can reveal imperfections, wrinkles, and dents.
  • Different textures can offer several degrees of grip and comfort.
  • The traction of the liner can provide safe footing.

Picking a color, pattern, and texture is a personal preference, but it is best to see samples in-person to make the best choice.

If you put a high priority on aesthetics, the color scheme and patterns can coordinate with the deck, patio, lawn, or travertine tile complementing the pool.

The travertine cost can vary greatly depending on decor, but base options are available for cheap.

Types of Best Pool Liners

The biggest difference in the types of liners out there is how they attach to the pool.

Beaded Liner

Beaded liners attach to the top wall of the pool using a track. The bead channel helps make this an easier installation

Overlap Liner

Overlap liners are the economic choice and most common. The liner hangs over the walls of your pool and is locked into place with coping strips.

J-Hook Liner

The biggest advantage of this pool liner is the easy installation – easier than the beaded and overlap liners. It does not have a bead channel, but a rubber fold that hooks on to the wall.

Universal Bead Liner

As the name suggests, this liner can fit any pool set up and also has an easier installation.

There are customizable pool liners out there that may be specific to a brand or need. Consult a professional to figure out which will suit your needs and budget.


Bigger is not always better. A thick liner will last longer and be more difficult to puncture and damage.

But a thicker liner will also not be as pliable. Depending on the design of your pool, you may need multiple sections of multiple thicknesses.

Even the most sturdy pool liners will need to be patched or replaced over time. But if you can control what objects get near your pool, you can increase the longevity.


Most of the best pool liners only come with a manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties usually only cover defects.

Punctures, old age, and cracks from being dried out will not be covered

If the store you are buying from offers protection outside of the manufacturer’s warranty, be sure to read all the fine print.

Next Steps

With the perfect spot and pool picked out in your backyard, you’re now armed with the information to buy the best pool liner.

Finish the process of completing your summer pool and get back to relaxing.

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