Wedding Wisdom: 9 Exceptionally Creative Photo Ideas to Try at Your Wedding

//Wedding Wisdom: 9 Exceptionally Creative Photo Ideas to Try at Your Wedding
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Few life events are as highly-anticipated as weddings.

Dreamed about from an early age, a huge amount of thought, preparation and planning go into them. Throw in the money and anxiety that’s often involved and you’ve got a serious event on your hands!

It’s understandable, then, that the 2.3 million couples that get married each year want their day to be absolutely perfect.

Of course, a lot goes into it. However, photography is one detail that should never be overlooked. Indeed, wedding snaps help you remember the day forevermore.

Are you looking for creative wedding photo ideas to help immortalize the day in a fun and novel way? Well, we want to help.

Read on for 9 ideas for super creative wedding snaps.

1. There’s Magic in the Minor

The best wedding photos don’t have to be extravagant affairs.

Sometimes, the most creative snaps are the simplest. In this way, it’s often the smaller details that offer incredible photo opportunities.

Think about planning minor details for the photographer to focus on.

For example, the groomsmen could wear the same colorful socks or ties. Why not line them all up and take a snap of their matching accessories? Doing so will create a fun and quirky memory of the day.

2. Get the Animals Involved

Who said weddings were just for humans?

Get the animals involved too!

Your pets might be your pride and joy. Why not include them in the wedding somehow?

For example, you could strap the wedding ring to the collar of your pooch and send them up the aisle! Your furry ring-bearer would make for an amazing photo and put a smile on everybody’s faces.

It’s a double whammy of goodness. You get to have your treasured pets as part of the day and earn some creative wedding photography in the process.

3. Use Flowers to Full Effect

As you probably know, those wedding floral arrangements cost an arm and a leg.

You’ll want to get the best bang for your buck! One way to do it is to include them in your wedding photos. Of course, there’s nothing all that creative about a photo of some flowers.

Spice things up by arranging them in novel ways. A flower wall would be one way to do it.

Few things provide a better backdrop to a photo than an entire wall of stunning flowers! The array of vibrant colors will complement everything about the snap; the scent will create an attractive focal point for photos on the day.

4. Revel in Reflections

Reflections can create magical effects in photographs.

They’re the ideal tool for any photographer on the hunt for a creative picture. Make the most of any opportunities for reflections you have on the day.

Take photos next to water, windows, and mirrors; take advantage of any reflective surface on offer. You can trick the eye, create awesome visual effects, and exploit beautiful moments.

5. Photograph from Above

One way to get creative with photography is to snap way from a height.

Think about the rise in popularity of drone photography. The ability to capture an event or landscape from above provides a brand new perspective; it highlights details lost from below.

You don’t need a drone to take pictures from on high, though.

The photographer could simply stand on a chair for a more aerial view of events. Combine that with a willingness for the subjects to get low, and you’re onto a winner.

Think about creating visual displays on the floor. The bride and groom could embrace in full wedding regalia on the grassy ground outside. Throw in some novel poses and you can come away with some super creative snaps.

6. Snap the Champagne

All celebrations are better with champagne.

And no celebration is greater than your wedding day! It’s more than likely that the bubbly will be flowing freely. Opening any champagne bottle offers an ideal photograph.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it the flashy way, with a knife, or the old-fashioned way. Shake it up, pop the cork, and watch the bubbles burst forth. Everything from the mess to peoples’ reactions is worth a photo.

7. Dance Your Way to the Perfect Photo

The first dance is another unmissable photo opp.

Many married couples choose to make the most of the occasion. They’ll practice a routine, pick a favorite song, and get everybody dancing along with them.

This is one dance you don’t want to forget. Ask the photographer to capture the moment.

The combination of high emotion and flowing movement makes for a great creative shot. Throw in some ambient lighting and you’re sure to love the photos that follow.

8. Capture the Chaos

Let’s face it:

Weddings rarely run smoothly from start to finish.

Kids start crying, brides forget their vows, grooms get cold feet, the best man gets steaming drunk…you name it and the issue can arise.

And, sometimes, it’s those moments that give rise to the greatest photos. Leveraging the chaos of an occasion is memorable, to say the least. It can also provide exceptional visuals! Try hard to capture anything that occurs.

The event might be difficult on the day, but you’re sure to laugh about it in the photos that follow.

9. Photograph the Farewell

The ‘getaway car’ is a traditional part of most weddings.

It’s symbolic! After the most important day of your life, you ride away with your new spouse and into the rest of your lives. Whether you’re getting a ride in a limo or a horse and cart, you owe it to yourself to capture the moment.

Have the photographer hone in on the car.

Snap photos as it pulls up, as you get into it, and as it drives off into the proverbial sunset. Each and every moment with the getaway car promises a creative set of snaps.

Try These Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Your wedding will probably be the biggest day of your life!

Hopefully, the creative wedding photo ideas in this post will help you capture it in the best way possible.

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