How to Dress Stylish: 10 Fabulous Tips for Looking Like a Fashion Icon

//How to Dress Stylish: 10 Fabulous Tips for Looking Like a Fashion Icon
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Have you ever admired celebrities for their style and wished you could be just as glamorous? Or seen someone who looked perfectly pulled together and wondered how they did it?

The good news is anyone can be stylish enough to look like a fashion icon, at any age. Consider Lyn Slater, who developed her own style and became an accidental fashion icon while in her 60s. Millennials count themselves among her 800,000+ admiring Instagram followers.

But even if you don’t want to be a social media star, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to inject a little zing into a boring wardrobe. If you want to look like a fashion icon, read on for ten tips on how to dress stylish.

1. Follow Fashion Influencers

You may think a good place to start to become a fashion icon is to buy every current fashion magazine on the newsstand. And while that’s not a bad idea, you may find the designer collections in many magazines are too expensive and unrealistic for your tastes.

A better first step is to find and follow social media fashion influencers and bloggers whose styles you admire. Many of them are “real people” with backgrounds similar to yours who experimented and created their own unique fashion look.

2. Window Shop Online First

Do online research to see what clothing stores are selling and which seasonal pieces you may want to try on before visiting a retail location in-person. With so many retailers and independent clothing shops online that you’ve never heard of, you may just discover some new clothing brands that pique your interest.

3. Buy Clothes That Fit Well

Oversized, baggy clothing or clothes that don’t flatter you for any reason will only drag down your style. When you try on items, make sure to choose cuts and styles that flatter your body shape. Clothing shouldn’t have a lot of extra fabric sagging in any area.

If there is any clothing in your drawers or closets that fit this description, now is a good time to donate or sell them and start with a clean slate.

4. Focus On Investment Pieces

Some items, like a well-tailored woolen coat or little black dress, never go out of style. These are known as investment pieces and no matter what your personal style is, having a few of these in your closet will ensure you’ll get plenty of mileage out of them. And the good news is many classic staples can be dressed up with a colorful accessory such as a brooch or scarf.

5. Don’t Let Your Age Hold You Back

Don’t let a belief that you may be too young or old to wear something hold you back in your quest to become stylish. Age is just a number and if you feel great wearing something, who’s to say it’s wrong? The aforementioned Lyn Slater admits to buying clothing brands aimed at younger demographics.

6. Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We get that old dressing habits die hard. If you stick with gray, black, and other neutrals for most of your wardrobe, you may feel uncomfortable at the prospect of wearing an attention-grabbing hue such as bright pink.

However, you may never discover your personal style unless you break out of your comfort zone and give some different styles a chance. You have nothing to lose by testing them out in a dressing room. Experiment with fabrics, cuts, colors, and patterns that you would never have considered before. 

You never know; you may just discover that mustard yellow is your color.

7. Don’t Forget About Accessories

Just about all fashion icons throughout history never underestimated the power of accessories. Think of Jackie Onassis with her trademark oversized sunglasses or Coco Chanel who was never seen without wearing pearls.

Jewelry, scarves, hats, and sunglasses can jazz up or complete any outfit. They’re also a lot of fun to wear, so don’t be shy about mixing and matching them to your heart’s content.

At the very least, every fashion icon needs a couple of pairs of flattering sunglasses. Learn how to find sunglasses that fit your personality while protecting your eyes.

8. Only Buy What You Love

It’s tempting to buy an article of clothing because it’s all over the magazines and is predicted to be in style for the upcoming season. But don’t feel obligated to purchase something just because it’s trendy. You want to get your money’s worth by buying clothing that you know you’ll wear and enjoy for years to come.

You may also discover your ideal style is comprised of classics that will never fall out of fashion, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

9. Ease Yourself Into a New Style

Don’t feel obligated to purchase and wear complete ensembles that are out of the ordinary for you. You can ease yourself into becoming a fashion icon by wearing one unique item whether it’s a top, earrings, or shoes, and just take note of how it makes you feel. When you become comfortable, try wearing it next time with another new piece.

Pretty soon your new look is sure to become part of your everyday look.

10. But Be Fearless

Don’t chicken out and let your new fashion pieces and accessories collect dust in your closet. Be brave and actually wear them. If you’re concerned about what others around you may think, remind yourself that your personal style doesn’t require the approval of others.

Now You Know How to Dress Stylish

Now that you know how to dress stylish, it’s time to have some fun exploring new as well as tried-and-true styles to see how your wardrobe can become a little more memorable. While fashion should express your unique personality, remember that at the end of the day, comfort and functionality are just as important.

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