Turn Up the Romance: 7 Sentimental Gifts for Men

//Turn Up the Romance: 7 Sentimental Gifts for Men
  • Sentimental Gifts for Men

Tomorrow. That’s when you’ll start shopping. And that’s what you’ve told yourself every day for the last month.

You’re running out of time to find the right gift for the special guy in your life, but you can’t come up with the perfect idea.

We’re here to help.

Choose something from this ultimate list of sentimental gifts for men, and awe him with your ideal gift. Read on.

1. The Latest Style

With new menswear trends already here for 2019, your guy needs a new wardrobe. Think about what piece is universal that he could use with many combinations he already has?

Some guys are particular about their look. If you have his style pegged, choosing something he loves can be extra meaningful.

If you don’t have the confidence, give him the gift of a shopping trip. He can choose something he’ll actually wear and feel comfortable in, and you guys get to spend time together, too.

2. Unique Accessories

Accessories that stand out can help him get a unique look that others will notice. Bonus points if you find cuff links, a tie clip, or a wallet that are the right material for your upcoming anniversary.

It’s even more sentimental if you choose a gift for you, too. No, we’re serious — try his and hers watch sets, and then you’ll have a connection to each other even when you’re apart.

Couple gifts don’t have to be a perfect match. He won’t appreciate the same style that you will. Many ideas have similar shapes but different materials, or the same engraving but different colors.

You can even buy matching couples underwear now. Make him laugh or make him melt with a sentimental couples gift.

3. Heartwarming Words

Does your guy most love to hear encouraging things? If he feels your love the most when you express it in words, here are some unique ways to tell him over and over.

  • Letters to open every month of the year
  • A jar filled slips of paper, each with a reason you love him
  • Shared journal where you write notes back and forth to each other
  • Lyrics for music lovers — words to songs that are meaningful to you guys
  • Read-me-when kit, like the monthly letters, but one for each occasion

If you’re married, you can even print and frame the vows from your wedding. Any of these special words are sure to let him know the depth of your feelings.

4. Delicious Treats

We’re sure someone told you the way to his heart is through his stomach. Even if he’s on a keto diet, it’s a fair bet it holds true for your guy. What does he love to eat?

A full meal doesn’t have to be hard, and something easier like a special dessert means as much as several courses. Specialty hot sauces, flights of craft beer, or meat subscription boxes are all great ideas for the stout-hearted man in your life.

For extra romance, you can make it yourself or choose something that’s a spin on the food he already loves. And if he loves to cook, pick a new recipe you can cook together.

He’ll feel how much you care when he sees how much effort you put into this treat.

5. Luxury Skincare

Get him some toiletry items to soothe his skin and care for the largest organ on his body. These days you won’t have trouble finding natural, masculine skin care products that he’ll love.

Most guys aren’t going to focus on their exfoliating routine. But he may get horribly dry skin in the winter, or suffer other ongoing problems. This gift is straight from your heart, and it helps him fill a need he doesn’t take care of himself.

Plus you’ll like touching his new, softer skin more than you did before — and that’s a bonus for him, too, right?

6. An Expensive Need

When guys are good with money, they often hesitate to spend it on things they could really use. If there’s a tool or a business gadget he’s had his eye on, save up and get it for him. According to psychology, success at work gives him the same feeling as winning a conquest.

It’ll mean a lot when he sees that you pay attention when he talks and understand the value of the right tool for the job, whether for hobbies or work.

7. Boudoir Photos

There’s nothing sexier than saucy photos of you in the lingerie he loves. He’ll love these pictures, and you’ll feel super flirty when you spend time dressing up for the session.

Modern photographers don’t make you feel like a porn star. They help you get comfortable in your skin and feel attractive. And it shows in the resulting photos.

You can use this excuse to get new lingerie that he can appreciate outside of the photos, too.

Something private and intimate like this brings couples closer. He’ll feel lucky that you gave him such a guarded part of you to hold and cherish.

The Most Meaningful Sentimental Gifts for Men

With all these options for sentimental gifts for men, we hope your shortage of ideas is over. Remember any of these items, like clothes, accessories, skin care, photos, business tools, food, and sweet love notes are perfect to adapt to your specific relationship.

The only thing on your guy’s mind after he receives your perfect gift will be how he can respond in kind on the next occasion.

If you want extra thoughts about the special guy in your life, read more of our blog.

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