Ditching the Razor: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Laser Leg Hair Removal

//Ditching the Razor: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Laser Leg Hair Removal
  • Laser Leg Hair Removal

Leg hair removal is common today, but how did it get started? It wasn’t a normal grooming routine 100 years ago. Shaving your legs became popular in the 40s and 50s as fashion trends shifted.

Nowadays, if you want to remove body hair, you have more options than shaving cream and a pink razor. Laser leg hair removal is more expensive, but it also lasts longer.

That said, the laser hair removal process still isn’t widely understood. Read on to find out five things you should know about laser hair removal.

Treatment Takes Several Months

A wax job removes all your hair in one often painful session. Laser hair removal comes with less pain, but it also takes more time.

The laser zaps the hair follicle. Your leg hair follicles don’t all grow at the same rate, so you have to go back every few weeks to target all your follicles.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that each appointment is short. A single session of the laser hair removal process takes about as long as an episode of your favorite sitcom.

It’s Not Permanent

You may have heard that laser leg hair removal results last forever. That’s not the case. But they do last a good while.

After a few treatments, you’ll notice that your leg hair is growing much more slowly. In fact, it may seem so slow that you don’t notice any growth. 

That’s a big difference from shaving. If you don’t shave for a week, your legs get itchy. With laser leg hair removal, there’s no itchiness. 

You should be prepared for touch-ups, though. You may only need them once a year, but you will need them.

You Can’t Go to the Beach 

This service isn’t something you should get done in the middle of swimsuit season. Why not? Because your legs are going to be more sensitive to the sun during treatment.

That may sound like a bummer, but it makes sense when you think about it. The laser is literally burning your hair off. 

For that reason, you should book your appointments for the middle of winter. If you live in a place with sunny winters, you’ll have to work a little harder to avoid those rays. 

It’s Not Pain-Free

Don’t get us wrong; laser hair removal is way better than waxing from a pain standpoint. But those lasers can still feel a little weird on your skin.

The sensation may feel like stinging. You’ll get ice applied to your legs beforehand to numb the pain, though. And it will hurt less with each subsequent treatment.

Treatment Isn’t Cheap

You can go to the razor and get a decent razor for $10. But a single laser hair removal session will cost around $200 or $300. 

Does laser hair removal work? It does, but you should prepare yourself to spend $2,000 or so on the whole process. You may need five or six sessions before you see results.

Finding Laser Leg Hair Removal

If you’re going to pay that much for laser leg hair removal, you need to make sure that you’re getting a good service. In this case, good service means seeing a board-certified dermatologist with lots of experience.

Still not sure? Many dermatologists offer free initial consultations. 

But if you decide that laser hair removal isn’t right for you, check out our blog post on other ways to banish unwanted hair. 

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