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Are you feeling like your living room needs a refresh? Spring is here, and now is a great time to redecorate and breathe new life into your living space.

The good news is, updating your living room doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, just a few pieces of trendy living room décor can change the entire look and feel of the room.

Not sure how to get started? You’re in the right place! Check out these hot springtime living room décor ideas.

Eclectic, Boho Style

The best living room decor tips and tricks right now are based on an electric, boho style. When following this trend, the most important rule is that there are no rules.

The whole point of this style is listing to your instincts and choosing pieces you love – regardless of the design category they fit into.

Do you have modern-style furniture, but you found some gorgeous antique Oushak rugs for sale? Go for it! 

Do you love earthy-style tables, and wonder if they can fit in with your stainless steel lamps? The answer is yes! As long as you love it, you can find a way to make it work.

Start with your key anchor pieces, like your sofa and chairs, then layer in tables, blankets and throw pillows, and more. The area rug you choose can often be the centerpiece that pulls the whole design together.

Updated Throw Pillows

You can add a lot of personality to your living room with some new throw pillows. This is a great option for making a change without too much of a commitment.

If you have solid-colored furniture, try adding some pillows with patterns and a few in contrasting solid colors. Geometric designs are in right now, so this is another great option.

Look for pillows in different sizes and textures to create a more interesting look. If you have kids, choose a few larger pillows as well so they can easily use them for floor seating.

Statement Walls

Adding a statement wall can completely change the look and feel of the room. Floral wallpaper is in right now, so if that appeals to you, see if you can find one that goes with the rest of your living room décor.

Don’t feel brave enough to take on florals? Try painting the wall in a solid color that will complement or contrast with the other wall in the room. You could also try wallpaper with a bold pattern like stripes or geometric shapes, or use textured wallpaper.

Another great idea is to add an inspirational quote or favorite saying to the wall using stencils.

Fun and Funky Lampshades

Another inexpensive way to add some modern decor for your living room is to upgrade your lampshades. This is a fun way to play around with color, patterns, and shapes. The best part is, if you hate the way it looks, you can just return it and try again.  

Floating Shelves to Hold Your Trendy Living Room Decor 

Wall-mounted floating shelves are another popular trend right now. They give you the option of adding extra décor without taking up too much space.

Use your new floating shelves to display framed photos, elegantly store your favorite books, or add a few flower vases. Once you start using your imagination, the possibilities are endless!

Stylish Storage

Almost everyone struggles with finding places to put all of their belongings. You can take care of two issues at once by finding cool living room décor that doubles as a storage solution.

Look for cool baskets, canvas cubes, or even tables or couches with storage built in. Not only will it add some personality to the space, but decluttering will go a long way towards making the room look great. You can use these storage solutions to hold the kid’s toys, extra throw blankets, books and magazines, games and controllers, and more.

Updated Lighting

The way a room is lit can change the entire vibe. Make sure your space has both ambient lighting and task lighting. Consider adding an attention-grabbing floor lamp and some distinctive table lamps.

Want to bring the room into the 21st century? Add some WiFi lights that allow you to change the entire color scheme of the room right from your smartphone. Doing this even allows you to use your Alexa or Google Home to easily set the mood in your living room.

Photo Art

If your walls are a little bit bare, you’ll love this next tip! Instead of shelling out a fortune for expensive artwork, use framed photos instead. Choose a variety of different frame styles and sizes to create a unique look.

You can use photos of your family, friends, or even landscape photos from some of your favorite places. This also works well with a series of beach photos or black and white images. Let your creative juices flow and you’re likely to surprise yourself with the awesome ideas you come up with.

Start Redesigning Your Living Space Today!

Did these trendy living room décor ideas inspire you? We hope so!

Before you head over to the internet to start shopping, stick around for a few more minutes and browse through a few more of our posts. We have tons of ideas to help you update your entire home and enjoy the time you spend there.  

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