The Top 5 Dessert Wines

//The Top 5 Dessert Wines
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Everyone knows that the best part of a meal is dessert. The sweet or sometimes savory taste of dessert can make even the worst of days better.

The same can be said for a glass of wine. In fact, not only is a regular glass of wine or two with dinner delicious, it’s actually quite good for your heart!

But why not combine the two delicacies into one unforgettable meal? The right dessert wine with the perfect sweet choice can make an evening unforgettable.

And you’re sure to impress company with your knowledge of dessert pairings!

But you don’t have to be a connoisseur to know the best dessert wines on the market. Keep reading to learn all about how to improve your next sweet treat.

The Top 5 Dessert Wines

1. Sherry

Even if you know next to nothing about wine, you’ve probably heard stories about a good glass of sherry. These wines tend to be rich, full-flavored wines with a tart and almost citrus-like flavor.

And there are enough different types of sherry that everyone can find something to love. Whether you prefer the crisp, dry tastes, or a richer and creamier texture, sherry is a perfect choice.

It’s great for any type of fruity cobbler or fruit-based dessert. Even a nice bowl of sherbet will do! Wine and a healthy dessert can be part of a well-balanced diet.

2. Sparkling Dessert Wine

Want the same delicious, bubbly taste at a fraction of the price? Then pick up a bottle of sparkling dessert wine to serve at your next party.

Best of all, it’s easy to find. You should be able to pick up a bottle of a sparkling wine of your choice at your local grocery store.

Next time you’re throwing a party, sparkling wine should be your go-to. It’s relatively cheap, delicious, and goes great with any dessert.

And think of how impressed the party will be as you pour the bubbly into a set of gorgeous, engraved wine glasses.

Sparkling wines go great with anything citrusy and sour. Serve it with a nice key lime pie or lemon custard for a rich summertime treat.

3. Fortified Dessert Wine

If you really want to go all out, grab a nice bottle of fortified wine. While it’s a bit more bitter than sweet, it’s still a great pairing with chocolates and mousses.

Should your tastes lean a bit darker, a fortified wine gives you a refined taste with a high alcohol content.

4. Rich Dessert Wine

And if a fortified wine isn’t quite robust enough for your taste, rich dessert wines will be your wines of choice.

You’ll get a wonderful fruity aroma that brings about scents of hickory and red grape.

And the taste is every bit as good. Those who enjoy a rich wine can expect to taste elements of plums, coffee, and dark chocolate.

5. Late Harvest Wine

This one is for all those with a sweet tooth. The late harvesting process is actually quite fascinating. Before the fermentation process is completed, natural sugars remain, resulting is an extra sweet taste.

If you like your desserts as sweet as your beverages, look no further. And best of all, late harvest wines go with anything with sugar.

Cakes, cookies, and caramels are all great options. Basically anything light and delicious.

Have any great tips of your own? Be sure to comment below and let us know your dessert wines of choice!

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