Top 10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy All Year Long

//Top 10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy All Year Long
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Every summer people start paying attention to what their skin needs. Nothing brings out people wanting to know how to take care of their skin then the summertime.

In the summer we tend to drink more water and use more skin moisturizer. We slather on skin protection lotions to keep UVA rays from damaging our skin.

But your skin needs replenishment with water, cremes, organic butter, and lotions all year long.

The Mayo Clinic reports, it is true summer does have some built-in skin protection needs. Some of these skin needs go above and beyond our daily skin care.

But it is always important to keep your skin looking healthy. It doesn’t matter what season it is or how old you are.

To help you get healthy looking skin all year round we are going to share 10 simple ways to rejuvenate and keep healthy skin.

Good Skin Tips

There are some healthy skins tips we all know but often ignore in our day-to-day busy lives.

Here are some simple ways to help your skin look healthy. These simple ways don’t need you to do much other than following the advice.

Simple Tips in Keeping Your Skin Healthy Which Doesn’t Need a Lot of Work

They are;

  1. You need enough rest and sleep each night. You have heard this refrain since you were a small child. You are proud of the nights you do get to bed at a decent hour and get enough sleep.
    • But did you know NCBI has research studies show faces of sleep-deprived individuals have more swollen eyes and darker circles than their rested counterparts?
    • NCBI’s studies also show a lack of rest gives skin more wrinkles and redder eyes than those who get enough rest.
  2. Try not to eat junk food. Foods which are processed, have saturated fats and excess sugars are bad for your skin.
    • When you eat nothing but processed foods your body feels the pain and your skin takes the hit.
    • It is vital that your skin receives the right amount of nutrients and minerals to keep it healthy and glowing.
  3. Exfoliate your skin. The benefits to the skin from exfoliation cannot be overstated.
    • The process of exfoliation allows you to remove dry and dead skin cells. These dead skin cells live on the surface of your skin.
    • The dry skin cells prevent your skin from having increased blood circulation it needs to thrive.
    • By exfoliating at least one to two times per week, you strike the perfect balance for your skin. You remove dead skin which helps keep the skin underneath alive and vibrant.
    • Some of the benefits to exfoliating include, but are not limited to;
      • Brightens your skin.
      • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
      • Kills bacteria so you have fewer breakouts.
      • Helps prevent and remove ingrown hairs.

Best Things for Your Skin

We have given you a few simple tips with actions you can take which help keep your skin healthy and glowing. None of these tips need a lot of time or effort.

Now we are going to give you some tips which require a little more effort from you. But the tips are still very easy to do on a day-to-day basis.

They include, but are not limited to;

  1. The American Academy of Dermatology states you need to apply sunscreen to your skin every day rain or shine.
    • The sun and the damage it does to all your skin is intense. Sunscreen is a lifesaver for skin and can prevent premature aging and skin cancer.
    • SPF 30 and above is the minimum formula you should use in your sunscreen lotions.
  2. If you are a smoker you need to quit as soon as you can. There is nothing like smoking to quickly age your skin.
    • What’s more, smoking puts you more at risk to have the skin diseases of;
      • psoriasis – flaking skin with thick white and red patches.
      • hidradenitis suppurativa – which is small and painful lumps under your skins.
  3. Drink more water. You already know it but water is a vital and necessary ingredient for keeping youthful and healthy skin.
    • The skin is made up of 64% water. Without replacing the water as it ebbs and flows in your body throughout your day, your skin is going to look sunken and sallow.
  4. Drink some green tea. The American Academy of Dermatology reports green tea has anti-inflammatory compounds that soothe your skin.
    • There is ongoing research on whether it helps with skin disorders as well.

Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy

It is not as easy to keep your skin looking healthy as many think it is. We spend hundreds on face products every year to help our skin look healthy and bright.

Some of these skin lotions, potions, and skin butter work and some don’t. We have three final tips to share with you which are simple, easy to do, and necessary for you to have the best skin care routine.

  1. Gently wash your face when you wake up. Also gently wash your face before you go to bed and after any physical activity.
    • Gently washing your face will help prevent the build-up of dirt, makeup, grime, and sweat from building up on your skin and blocking the pores.
  2. Don’t overheat your skin. It a little-known fact that as we age, skin does not have the ability to bounce back after it gets all red from a steaming hot shower or sauna.
    • Heat strips skin oils and can cause a red and swollen top layer of skin that doesn’t bounce back to normal very fast.
  3. Finally, it is very important to use the right skin care products for you. Don’t use something because your friend is using it.
    • Take the time to find out what works for you and create a balanced skin care routine by using it.
    • Creme and lotion body butter provide this great resource which replenishes and rejuvenates the skin.

What Do I Need to Do Next to Make My Skin Healthy All Year Long?

To keep your skin looking healthy every day of the year start by using our 10 simple tips.

Everyone’s skin is different but everyone’s skin needs to be taken care of by using the right products.

By not doing some of the common sense items listed above, your skin suffers. By not using some of the best skin resources out there, your skin doesn’t get a chance to benefit.

Now that we have told you about the importance of rejuvenating body butter creme, why wouldn’t you try some on your skin today?

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