9 Porch Furniture Ideas to Help You Decorate a Patio and Deck

//9 Porch Furniture Ideas to Help You Decorate a Patio and Deck
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Do you have a porch at home that you are looking to redesign? Or maybe you are planning to build a deck but are still in the dark on how to design it?

If you have money to spare, adding a deck, porch, or patio is a wise move. Not only does it improve your home’s appeal, but it also increases your property’s resell value

When decorating your decks and patios, you cannot do away with furniture. So what types of furniture should you get?

Continue reading below as we look at some of the best porch furniture ideas you can incorporate in your deck or patio.

Porch Furniture Ideas: Transforming Your Outdoor Experience 

As we mentioned earlier, decks and patios increase the curb value of your home. But you need to make sure you are designing them the right way. Here are nine porch furniture ideas that will make them look more stylish, appealing, and functional.

1. The Classic Look

If you have a large porch at home, you will never go wrong with a classic look. This features a combination of two chairs and a porch sofa. This setup also works for your patio.

This classic look gives you a feel of your living room, only outdoors. Feel free to add some louvered shutters. Then finish off the look with a chandelier to achieve that indoor vibe.

2. Chairs and Loveseats

If you are looking to maximize space, go for two loveseats and a good mix of chairs. Loveseats offer ample space for two people. They will save you more space because of their shorter width.

In turn, you can fill up space by placing more chairs. For starters, you can complement the love seats with a side table, a coffee table, and three lounge chairs. You can find some of the best outdoor chaise lounge chairs online.

Since the setup gives you space, you can rearrange the chairs from time to time. This will give your patio a new look every season.

3. Durable Tables

In an outdoor setup, you need to invest in furniture that can withstand various outdoor elements. Hence, you can go for some water-resistant tables for your patio. 

For starters, you can invest in a plastic patio table. Not only is it water-resistant, but it is also lightweight. This makes it easy for you to carry and move around. 

You can also clean it with much ease. Simply wipe it off with a clean cloth and you’re good to go. This is excellent for those outdoor parties with kids eating all kinds of messy food.

But if you want something more sophisticated, a wrought-iron table is an excellent option. As for the chairs, go for at least six pieces. 

4. The Egg-Shaped Swing

If you want to add more personality in your deck or porch, an egg-shaped swing chair will work. Make sure you go for a piece that features a wicker weave. This will give your patio that boho vibe.

 But if you’re looking for a more traditional look, go for a wooden porch swing. If you live in a place where it often rains, a waterproof wooden swing is your best bet.

There are several other designs to choose from. An iron swing will give you that vintage appeal. Make sure to complement your swing with some nice pillows with soft cushioning.

5. Outdoor Cushions

Speaking of cushions, you also need to invest in durable outdoor cushions. This is one of the cheapest ways of giving your old patio furniture a fresh look. 

Cushions come in different patterns and designs. Each one offers a unique tone that impacts the overall look of your patio. If you want a high-end cabana vibe, go for pillows with black and white stripes.

If you want something nautical, go for blue and white cushions. For a touch of summer and island fun, go for pillows carrying tropical prints. 

6. Versatile Benches

Adding some versatile outdoor benches will make your deck or patio more functional. Instead of chairs, you can opt for benches to match your dining table. If you want, you can simply position it against the wall and serve as an additional seating option.

If you have a big porch, you can go for rocking benches or glider benches. But if you have little room to work on, hardwood benches or small cast-iron benches will do.

In addition, you can use the space under the benches as storage. There, you can store various items like small seats or cushions. You can even put plants and other ornaments on top of the benches.

7. The Outdoor Kitchen

If you already have an outdoor grill, go all-out by building an outdoor kitchen. You can create a U-shaped kitchen that features a stone countertop. Underneath, you can install some cabinets for your kitchenware.

Make sure to add some wooden stools by the countertop.

8. Mind Your Poolside

Do you have a pool at home? Then put some poolside furniture to complete the relaxing ambiance. When choosing furniture, make sure they are weatherproof and chlorine-proof.

You can also add some lounge chairs that come with wheels. This way, you can easily move them away from direct sunlight.  

9. The Simple Take

But if you want something that is simple and easy on the eyes, you can go for a simple seating layout. Go for a low and streamlined table. Match it with four sets of double-stacked chair cushions.

These cushions are your substitutes for traditional chairs and stools. They also give a more intimate dining experience.

To complete the look, hang some modern wooden squares from a pergola. These will serve as your outdoor version of a chandelier.

Keep on Improving Your Home 

Through these porch furniture ideas we discussed, you can improve the way your decks and patios look ten times over. But if you want to further increase the curb and resell value of your house, you need to cover all bases.

Check out our other articles on home improvement. We tackle different ideas and solutions that will transform your home into something you can truly be proud of.

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