Top 10 Best Places to Live as a Single Woman

//Top 10 Best Places to Live as a Single Woman
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Are you looking to let your wild oats out? Are you looking to enjoy your youth while you’re single and ready to mingle? We’ve got the ten best places to live as a single woman so you can make the most of your free time.

1. Seattle, Washington

Are you a fan of the Pacific Northwest? Then you’ll be happy to know that Seattle is one of the best places for single women to live in. Home to an incredible music scene and great landmarks like the Space Needle, the Museum of Pop Culture, Pike Place Market, and so much more, the sky’s the limit when it comes to living in Seattle. 

2. San Francisco, California

Looking for something warmer, but not too warm? San Francisco might just be your best bet. They’ve got a high proportion of singles, a booming tech industry, and so much more. Plus, San Francisco is popping for the LGBTQ+ ladies out there as well! San Francisco also always rates highly on quality of life and related surveys, which means its a great place for anyone to live. The one downside? The rent is steep.

3. Portland, Oregon

If you need some hippie-dippie goodness in the city of your dreams, Portland (Oregon, not Maine) might be the place for you! A great median income and a somewhat more affordable cost of homeownership are also big parts of Portland living. If you’d rather not drive, Portland is bike-friendly and features great public transit options.

4. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. isn’t just our nation’s capital, but home to tons of culture, museums, and a great nightlife. Plus, there are plenty of employment opportunities within the government and major related institutions. There are also plenty of technology firms or universities if that’s more your scene!

5. Austin, Texas

Next on the list of the best cities for single women is the great city of Austin, Texas. Since Austin isn’t home to any major sports teams, it may appeal to women who just aren’t into sports. Instead, it’s home to incredible music and culture you can enjoy all day and all night.

Austin boasts an up-and-coming food scene and plenty of great restaurants and bars fill the city. Austin also hosts a lower than average cost of living, which is great for the modern woman just getting started out in the world.

6. Chelsea, Massachusetts

Are you more of a small-town girl? Why not head to Chelsea, MA? It’s close enough to the popping city of Boston when you need a taste of the big city life. Plus, it’s up and coming so it’ll only get better with time! It’s near plenty of options for nature, along with some of the country’s best universities.

If you’re interested, buy your next home in Chelsea today.

7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The home of the Liberty Bell is actually a great fit for all the single ladies out there. Philadelphia has plenty of cultural events all year long, not to mention the city’s incredible sports teams.

You want to live in the same city as Gritty, right? And, you’ll be in close proximity to big cities like New York City, so you can always visit other places in the area quickly with transit before you head back to good old Philly. And, Philadelphia is home to one of the best local convenience stores in the world, Wawa.

8. Charlotte, North Carolina

Love the warmth? Check out Charlotte. 50% of adult residents are single, so you’ll be right at home in the pool of singles! Paired with a high median income, life will be a breeze. If you’re a big NASCAR fan, you’ll definitely want to check out the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and if you love football you’ll be glad to cheer on the Carolina Panthers.

Charlotte features an up and coming job market and a low unemployment rate, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a job or a partner when you move to Charlotte, North Carolina.

9. Los Angeles, California

You must have thought of the home of Hollywood as a great place for single women to live. Plenty of beaches make it easy to strut your stuff whenever you have the free time, and if you’re more of an indoor gal there are still plenty of options for you to meet eligible singles. Plus, you’ll have access to Los Angeles International Airport for the jet setting woman on the go.

10. Denver, Colorado

If you’re an outdoorsy kind of girl, Denver might be the best place to live your best single life. Denver offers plenty of access to plenty of great nature activities, like hiking and skiing in the local mountains.

Plus, it’s less expensive than many of the other cities on this list, making it more accessible to a wider range of women. Denver is an especially good choice for women who work in STEM since it offers plenty of options in fields like aviation and energy. If you’re a woman who loves both nature and science, Denver is truly the place to be.

The Best Places To Live as a Single Woman Depends on Your Needs

Of course, just because these are the best places to live as a single woman doesn’t mean they’ll be a perfect fit for you. Do your research and visit each place to find out where you feel the best, and you’ll be living your best life in no time.

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